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Breastfeeding With Implants

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Implant Breast breast feeding

Women are happy with the results of their breast implant surgery, including their ability to breastfeed. Recently, two celebrity moms, Kendra Wilkinson and Kourtney Kardashian successfully breastfed their babies. The keys to successful breastfeeding—both with and without implants—are: Although platinum from breast implants seems to appear in breast milk of women with implants, it has not been associated with any health effects. Based on the scientific data, the FDA says that the platinum is likely in a neutral unreactive state, and therefore reasonably safe.

This means it is unlikely that silicone is found in breast milk and may be passed on to an infant. Some breast implants are filled with saline water. Healthcare providers see no harmful effect if saline water mixes with breast milk. Some breast implants contain a chemical called silicone. Some healthcare providers say it is okay to breastfeed if you have silicone implants. Tell your healthcare provider if you have silicone implants and ask him or her if you should breastfeed. Will I have problems breastfeeding if I have breast implants? Nerves, milk ducts, and milk glands can be damaged during implant surgery. Injured nerves can decrease the feeling in your nipple area.

This may reduce your let-down response. This is when milk is released from the glands to the milk ducts so that it is available to your baby. Damaged milk ducts can decrease the amount of milk made by your breasts. Implant Placement — When it comes to placing breast implants behind or above the breast muscle, opt for behind the muscle; but it is still very possible to breastfeed in either placement options. Incision Site — While it is still very possible to nurse with breast implants that are placed through a periareaolar incision, the general recommendation is to avoid a periareolar incision.

To lower the risk of injury to milk ducts and to avoid interference with nipple sensation, place the implant in the fold under the breast. Safety and Health Concerns — Generally, breastfeeding with implants is safe for mother, baby, and the implant itself. Parting words from Schulmann: Women should understand this so that they do not mistakenly feel that the breast implants are responsible and then carry an intense feeling of guilt about their decision to have breast augmentation. If you're going to have a new baby coming into the house soon, I highly recommend getting a copy of my free eBook: It's full of great ways to save money and it's totally free.

While a mother might only produce a partial milk supply for her first baby after implant surgery, subsequent babies may enjoy an improved supply. Excerpt from Breastfeeding after Breast Augmentation and Reduction SurgeriesDiana West, Even with the most invasive surgeries, it is possible that some portion of the original number of glands and ducts will remain intact. It is even possible that those damaged by the surgery will reconnect.

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This is known as recanalization. Damaged nerves also bdeast themselves over time feedimg a process called reinnervation. A woman can know if her nerves are intact by how much sensation she has. Excerpt from Breastfeeding after Breast Augmentation and Reduction SurgeriesDiana West, Many mothers who have had breast augmentation or reduction surgery also increase their milk supplies with herbal and prescription galactagogues milk-inducing substances. Breastfeeding with implants—safety issues What are implants made of?

A breast pump, like the Ameda, is great for making sure you always have plenty of milk on hand, that you are always able to produce the volume your child needs. But the question is: But you need to be careful when placing the flange, especially if the periareolar incision method was used. Scar tissue can build up around the inside of the areola and the flange may irritate that tissue. But regardless of whether the implants are silicone or saline, there is no worry that the pumping will damage them. Nevertheless, there are always exceptions. Some may have naturally low milk production rates while others may have damage that prevents them from breastfeeding.

People are sometimes quick to blame surgical procedures, but the truth is that some people have milk production issues with or without the implants.

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