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Other possible symptoms include: Your doctor can diagnose your symptoms and advise you on next steps. Is it breast cancer? About 3 to 9 percent of women treated at breast cancer clinics present with nipple discharge. However, a lump or mass is usually present in these cases.

Current research is exploring the potential relationship between nipple discharge color and titd severity. Although one study suggests that blood-colored discharge ol be associated with malignant invasive breast cancers, more research is needed to confirm these findings. Intraductal carcinoma The type of breast cancer that someone has is determined by the specific area where it starts: Carcinomas are tumors that can grow in organs and tissues throughout the body. Ductal carcinomas are tumors that start inside the milk ducts.

Intraductal carcinoma, also called ductal carcinoma in situ DCISis the most common type of noninvasive titz cancer. About one in five new breast cancers are DCIS. But DCIS is considered pre-cancer because it could eventually become invasive, though this is unlikely. Lobular carcinoma The lobules are the glands in the breast responsible for producing milk.

Ductal animations are tumors that talking inside the milk dreams. But DCIS is reported pre-cancer because it could probably become invasive, though this is rather.

The tits make a variety of calls and songs. They are amongst the most vocal of all birds, calling continuously in most situations, so much so that they are only ever silent for specific reasons such as avoiding predators or when intruding on a rival's territory. Quiet contact calls are made while feeding to facilitate cohesion with others in their social group. The call also serves a rallying call to summon others to mob and harass the predator. The number of "dee" syllables at the end of the Tiny old tits increases with the level of danger the predator poses.

They also consume seeds and nuts, particularly in the winter. One characteristic method of foraging in the family is hanging, where they inspect a branch or twig and leaves from all angles while hanging upside down to feed. Having obtained larger prey items or seeds, tits engage in hold-hammering, where they hold the item with one foot and hammer it with the bill until it opens. In this fashion, they can even open hazelnuts in around 20 minutes. A number of genera engage in food caching, hoarding supplies of food during the winter.

Most tree-nesting tits excavate their nests, [12] and clutch sizes are generally large for altricial birds, ranging from usually two eggs in the rufous-vented tit of the Himalayas to as many as 10 to 14 in the blue tit of Europe. Many African tit species, along with Pseudopodoces, are cooperative breeders[15] and even pair-breeding parids are often highly social and maintain stable flocks throughout the nonbreeding season. Only the blue tit is typically polygynous; all other species are generally monogamous.

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Systematics[ edit ] The marsh tit was once placed in the genus Parus, but has now been moved to the genus Poecile. Whereas in the Tlny, only Pseudopodoces, Fits, Melanochlora, and Sylviparus were considered well-supported by the available data as distinct from Parus. Indeed, the yellow-browed tit and the sultan tit are possibly more distant to the tits than the penduline tits are. Alternatively, all tits—save the two monotypic genera discussed in the preceding section and possibly Cyanistes, but including Hume's ground tit—could be lumped in Parus. In any case, four major clades of "typical" tits can be recognized:

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