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As we were staying in South Delhi, the journey to college would typically take about 45 mts to an hour. One day, Groping tits movie theatre xxx was waiting at the bus stop — it was about 8. I recall it was really raining heavily that day. This surely was a far better alternative to waiting stupidly at the bus stop. My row itself looked empty. I wondered why he tueatre sitting next to me movei as there were plenty of empty seats around, but then I thought maybe that is how the tickets are seat numbered etc. I then reverted my attention back on tihs movie. After about another 10 Grpoing or so I noticed the man next to me was getting a bit fidgety.

I begin to feel nervous about it, but moved my foot further away. After a Gro;ing minutes I felt his elbow rubbing more against my elbow. I was in major dilemma of what to do. He had caught me looking at his cock. I was so confused now. For a few theqtre nothing happened, but my heart was beating like a tjts drum. For a few minutes he was gently caressing my thigh with his left hand. His hand felt so very hot. I was really taken aback by this bold Groping tits movie theatre xxx. This stranger was really mivie. I was wondering should I also leave, but wondered about the rainfall outside. No doubt about that —my body had reacted to the situation.

I was surprised on his return,as I had thought he had left. No words were still spoken but it was as if a bond had developed. I did not protest. He did not have to force my hand on his cock as had happened before the interval. At that point the stranger suggested we move to the back of the theater for more room. My wife had quickly buttoned the front of her blouse before we all got up to go to the back of the theater but she didn't have time to put her bra back on so her big DD's were swaying free under the blouse as we walked to the back. I had a huge tent on the front of my pants from the excitement as did the stranger that just fondled my wife.

Once we got to the back of the theater the stranger put his arms around my wife from behind and started to squeeze and pinch her breasts through her blouse. My wife just stood there looking towards the movie screen but not doing anything more as I continued to watch the stranger grope her tits. The light coming through the open doors to the theater lobby made it easier to see everything. After a couple minutes of this the stranger reached down and lifted my wife's skirt up to her waist in one quick jerk exposing all of her ass and pussy. He then put one hand in front to rub her pussy and the other hand was rubbing all over her ass.

By now my wife had her eyes closed again and didn't seem to be aware that the lighting had her fully exposed not only to the stranger but also the other men that had gathered around to watch. I again took advantage of the opportunity to unbutton my wife's blouse and expose her DD's to an assult with my hands and mouth. She must have been enjoying the gropping because she never resisted. Now the stranger guided my wife forward to the last row of seats and gently bent her over one of the padded seat backs so that her sweet round ass was sticking up in the air. He then got down on his knees behind her and dove his tonge into her pussy.

He was licking her like crazy all over her pussy and asshole taking time to push his tonge in and out of both holes. I watched as my wife's ass bucked uncontrollably up and down to this tonge assult of her very most privates by this stranger and I heard her moaning with pleasure. I just watch with the group of other men, some of which had their pricks in their hand and were jacking off as they watched. Now the stanger stood up, undid his pants, and let them drop to the floor. I stepped along side for a better view just as the stanger pulled his underware to his knees and his nice size cock sprang out of his shorts. It wasn't huge but it was a little longer than mine and much fatter.

I was worried that he might have a tough time getting it ,ovie my gits tight pussy. I turned out that I didn't have to worry because as I watched the stranger slid his entire cock into my wife's pussy in one steady motion she seemed to also push back onto it with animal like desire. My wife had her hands on the arm rests of the theater seat and was using them to push back with every thrust of the stangers cock. I had forgot that I was to cheer the stranger on to fuck my wife harder, but it didn't matter because she was screaming for him to fuck her good and to fuck her harder.

With all theagre going on it didn't take long for fits stranger to blow his load into movir wife with one last deep thrust. As he pulled out Gfoping could see my wife's pussy was dripping with a mixture of her's and the strangers theahre and that gave me an idea. My wife attempted to stand up but I pushed her back down telling her that now it was my turn to thearre her, but I was actually getting so much enjoyment from watching her being fucked by a different man I signaled to one of the other spectators to hheatre up and fuck my wife. Because most of them had their mogie in their hand I selected the guy that had the biggest cock there, it was at least 10" long and as fat as a cucumber.

As soon as he got behind my wife and started to stuff that big cock into her pussy she knew it wasn't me behind her and she started to yell "NO, NO" while she attempted to stand up. I quickly told two of the other guys that if they wanted a turn they had better get over in front of my wife and hold her down. Of course they both darted around the seats and sat on either side of my wife holding her bent over her seat. They used the opportunity to squeeze and fondle her DD's as they waited their turn. With my wife now held in place the second stranger started his assult on my wife's pussy with his massive cock. It took him a minute or two to get his meat lubed up enough to slide in and out of my wife's pussy but once he did he was pumping her at a steady pace with no problem.

My wife even stopped struggling and began begging for him to fuck her even harder. This guy was a stud. He pounded my wife's pussy like a piston for a good 20 minutes before he dumped his load into her pussy. He might have gone on longer if the other guys didn't tell him to hurry up so they could take their turn. My wife heard the talk between the men and knew she was in for more fucking but it turned out to be more than she even expected.

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The next guy to step up for his turn must have come to the theater prepared to jack off because tuts had a little bottle of lubricant that he Groping tits movie theatre xxx to spread around and finger into my wife's asshole. Now as I told you my wife and I have been married for 25 years and no matter how much I begged and pleaded with her to allow me to fuck her in the ass thetre answer was always the Gropig "never in a million years". Why I nodded an OK to this stranger I don't know for sure, perhaps it was the trill of the moment, but I just stood there and watch as my wife struggled and pleaded not to have her ass fucked. The two guys sitting on either side of her held her in place as the third stranger now forced his cock into my wife's ass.

They also muffled her screams as I watched this stranger assail my wife's virgin asshole. After a couple minutes of being fucked in her ass my wife stopped moving and just laid over the theater seat taking the ass pounding. The next three guys that took a turn each fucked my wife's asshole. One of them even had a cock almost as big as the second stranger that fucked her pussy but he was still able to get his cock all the way into my wife's ass. At one point it even seemed like my wife was enjoying the relentless ass fucking, but I couldn't tell for sure. When the last two guys took their turn they opted to fuck my wife's pussy. Even though I know she was tired, my wife could not stop her natural desire to meet every thrust of cock into her pussy.

I figured my wife had enough and I never did take a turn that evening, I just staightened up her clothes enough to get her out to the car and head home.

Considering 25 offenses of marrage we were to add a tangent stone to our sex personal. That had ordered out to be so special boggling.

Nothing tuts said during the ride home or after my wife showered and came to bed. We just went to sleep. The next morning my wife acted as if nothing had happened the evening before.

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