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Tweet on Twitter It is said that dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire.

Dance couples Erotic encounters

Under the right circumstances, even the most formal and courtly ballroom dance can become charged with erotic energy. What other part of the world has produced a cottage industry of sexy dancing films? Yes, it stereotypes Latin Americans into sex-crazed, big-assed bimbos and smarmy, hairy-chested Latin lovers. Tango can be pretty damn sexy. Which opens up the question: Which dance is the most likely to summon the throes of passion? Well, it depends of course.

What are the circumstances? Which dance is the dirtiest? In other words, which one is the closest to actual sex? Which one, say, would you be most mortified to see one of your parents or one of your children doing with a stranger?

Even its formalized ballroom iteration emphasizes snapping leg movements as the couple mostly dances separately. Also, most amateurs have a really tough time mastering the steps, so they look silly rather than sexy doing it. Looks like a great workout! In their time, they were all the rage. Yet the reality is that they are mostly popular among the older generations. Performing their modern versions, which still thrive in competitive ballroom dancing, accomplished dancers can still bring out the sexy. The rumba, in particular, is usually the slowest and moodiest of the three, and allows for more languorous movement.

But on the whole all three are danced with elaborate and often exaggerated leg and hip movements, punctuated by sharp turns and theatrical flourishes. Beginners are usually too busy trying to figure out the steps to think about getting frisky. Just like grandpa used to do it! Cumbia Cumbia developed in different parts of Latin America, but is most usually associated with Colombia. As opposed to mambo or salsa, learning how to cumbia is very straightforward.

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