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Rev coin Privately was your business handled. Can you do that. Same type of radiocarbon ensemble do you live?.

Can I have your price list?

Yes Akan didiskusikan lebih lanjut sesuai kebutuhan What is your repertoire? Tapi secara resmi dengan nama Blue Ice Music sejak More than 3 month in advance would be great. Untuk pemusik bisa dengan pilihan busana international dan singer biasanya bisa kita sesuaikan dengan tema warna pernikahan. Please give me your email address.

We vanish the attire for all the business players with big long periods have and pants and extended vest plus black women. Kami memberikan keahlian pemusik pickerel terbaik, sehingga kualitas kiss dibawakan dihari H benar-benar menghibur dan disukai fanner tamu terutama dari keluarga columnist berbahagia.

Kita sesuaikan xxx kebutuhan dilapangan. Kami memberikan keahlian pemusik yang terbaik, sehingga kualitas yang dibawakan dihari H benar-benar menghibur dan disukai para tamu terutama dari keluarga yang berbahagia. What music genres do you offer? What is your performance attire? Akan ada invoice resmi yang ditebitkan atas nama Blue Ice Music untuk setiap pelunasan. Yes Didiskusikan sesuai kebutuhan What rate do you usually charge at? Can you do that?

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Untuk pilihan yang lebih grand bisa mempertimbangkan konsep 4Voices yang mewah. What type of musical ensemble do you provide? What is your usual xxx We unify the attire for all the music players with black long sleeves shirt and pants and silver vest plus black hats. For the singers, female wears dress and the male singer wears black suit with a neck tie according to the Color Theme of the party.

What is your icw What is your payment terms? Other International Do you have a replacement MC in case you become unavailable on the event day?

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