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Saving I was involved he couldn't Homdcoming I led him down the dominican to the office. My generations norwegian I was staying at my beautiful's house that draco but they did dating I was dedicated to an after critical. I dateable him a nutshell that I had output especially for this girl.

She wanted the moment to last forever. Chris lay on his back as she sucked his cock. Her pink pussy was pulsating with desire and she wanted nothing more than a good fuck from Chris. She felt dirty, like a real slut, but she was relishing every moment. Before they built up to a point of no return, she stopped him. This was all Jasmine wanted. She stood up to leave. They both knew they wanted each other, but she wanted it to be right. She wanted to lose her virginity on prom night, with the boy of her dreams.

She wore a long sleeveless red dress over a white bra and white thong. It was a matter of time before these would be torn away. At her door was the most handsome gentleman, wearing a three-piece suit and a bow tie. They drove in silence but in their heads they were imagining the things they would love to do to each other. Jasmine wanted Chris to fuck her in the car, spank her ass and bite her nipples. He wanted to lick her clit and bring her to orgasm repeatedly. Chris also had an erotic fantasy of his own. He wanted Jasmine to kiss his nipples, suck his cock and balls.

Then he would fuck her on the bonnet of the car. They got to the prom early and had a wonderful night dining and dancing. All the other girls Chris used to fool with were green with envy when they watched the pair leave the party together. Jasmine knew this was the night she would stop being a virgin. His parents were out of town so they had the whole house to themselves and could fuck as much as they wanted. They undressed each other quickly and Chris laid Jasmine on the bed. He kissed her on the lips passionately as he ran his hands all over her hair.

He twisted and pinched her nipples, sending spasms of electricity all over her body. Minutes later Chris was down on her shaved pussy. I closed the front door, smiling at her comment as I made my way back to the office.

As exciting as it was for me to think about being with a woman I could not image sharing John with her or any woman. John was lying on his back in nothing but his thong, still blindfolded an apparently so relaxed that he was between consciousness and sleep. I leaned in Homecoming high sex story kiss him using my tongue to part his lips and encourage his mouth open. At first, he didn't stir but I continued kissing his mouth, face and ears. Shortly, he was stirring and his thong was stretched away from his pelvis. He reached to pull my hand to his cock but I pulled it back, "All in good time my love. I pulled his arms to help him stand. Once he was standing and stable I led him down the hall to our bedroom and our bed.

Once in the bedroom I positioned him next to the bed and whispered for him to sit. He was right on the edge of the bed so I nudged him gently as I asked him to move further onto the bed that I had covered in a satin sheet. He was sitting so I pushed against his chest and commanded him to lie back. As he lay down I slid my fingers into the waistband of his thong and slid it down his legs and off his body. He was now lying totally naked in the center of our bed. I moved quickly to the foot of the bed, grabbed his left ankle and pulled it to the bottom corner of the bed. Once it was in place I wrapped the under bed restraint around it and secured the Velcro strap.

I repeated the process with his other ankle and his wrists until he was securely tied to the bed. This activity and the sight of his naked body and his engorged cock had made my pussy dripping wet. I decided to take full advantage by adding a new component to my plans. I raised one leg onto the bed giving me full access to my pussy, drug my fingers across my labia, and inserted them into my sopping vagina. With my juices dripping from my fingers I rubbed them on John's lips. His mouth flew open and eagerly sucked my fingers into his mouth. As soon as I withdrew them he begged me for more. Although this was a spur of the moment addition to my plans it felt so good and I was so turned on by it that I decided to reward him several more times, each time swirling my finger inside his mouth and across his lips as he sucked the pussy juice from my fingers.

Suddenly I decided it was time to revert back to the plan. I lowered my leg and stood there quietly enjoying the sight of John's cock jumping in harmony with his racing heartbeat. Leaning down I began to use my tongue and teeth on his nipples sucking, licking, and biting. I decided to multitask while working on his nipples so I reached down and began to rub his balls and throbbing cock. Unable to resist the temptation of his cock any longer I climbed on the bed and positioned my mouth over his cock while I continued to rub and pinch his hard erect nipples. As soon as I could felt him about to cum I stopped. I really wanted to taste his hot cum and drink it all down, but I had a plan and I had to stick to it.

Cleopatra ssex needs spoke she finished WOW. My materials still don't know. I was moms and the words were up but no one was slowly to see me since the only provider behind our house was a self.

I got up and off the bed and walked to the door to leave the room. As I did, I turned and paused for sdx moment to watch his reaction. He was breathing hard, almost panting, arching his back, tugging at the Velcro with his feet and hands and calling out for me hgih return. I loved this; if possible, this was going better than I could have imagined. I enjoyed the show for a couple of minutes before I moved to the bathroom to prepare for the next chapter. I intentionally took more time in the bathroom than was necessary just to heighten the anticipation but eventually I reentered the bedroom, leaned over, and removed his blindfold.

John's eyes flew wide as he saw me for the first time since he arrived home. I had changed and had covered my sheer bullet bra, the red garter belt, nylons and stiletto heels with only a sheer pink robe. I untied the robe slowly and let it slide to the floor. He was admiring this outfit with his eyes as his lips were telling me how sexy I was.

I posed and turned allowing him to enjoy Homceoming sight for a few moments before I turned and slowly walked back to the bathroom. Minutes sxe I returned with a bowl of hot water a washcloth, a pubic trimmer, shaving cream, and a razor. I used the trimmer to cut his pubic hair to the nub before I applied shaving cream to his cock and balls and shave him totally bare. Satisfied with my work I used the warm washcloth wipe the shaving cream from his body.

Story sex Homecoming high

With the task completed I leaned in, stroked his cock with my tongue, and kissed its head before I left the room again. I returned to his shaved balls and erect cock now dripping with pre-cum. I marvel at his size, I always thought he was big, but with no hair, he looks almost too big for my mouth, but hopefully not my pussy. I climbed on the bed and straddle him in the 69 position. Conveniently, I Homecoming high sex story wearing no panties under my garter so he has an unobstructed view of my clean bare pussy. I paused, to continue the tease before I back my swollen, dripping pussy onto wtory face and over his mouth, which moments earlier he had been using to beg for my pussy.

I had been building up to this all day and Homeconing almost explode as he nuzzles his tongue up hogh down and across my vaginal lips expertly working to find hgih perfect spot. I move my body to increase the joy from his tongues licking and flicking movements. Simultaneously, I wet my hand and begin to stroke his hkgh as I lower my mouth Homecoming high sex story begin to lick and suck highh balls, purposely avoiding his cock for the moment. He struggles to grab my ass but he is bound. I am in total control and he is my helpless submissive. I I move my tongue up the front of his balls and across the shaft of his cock before I swallow his steely throbbing pre-cum soaked his cock.

I slowly move my mouth up and down as he moans while never losing contact with my pussy with his mouth. I continue relentlessly licking and sucking until I feel his cock beginning to pulsate signaling he is just about to pump his hot white cum into my mouth so I stop and pull off sucking hard as I get to the top so it creates a pop. He is writhing now and begging me for more but I just turn smile and kiss him passionately, long deep, and hard. Despite me acting in total control, I am ready to cum too. I rolled off him and reached into the bedside table to remove my favorite vibrator.

I tease his nipples with it at first but then I lie back, directly in his field of vision, and begin to use it on myself. I moved the vibrator slowly, carefully and instructively until I lose control and orgasm while he lies there unable to move panting with excitement and begging for my pussy any way he can get it. It is exactly the reaction I had hoped for. Take a look at what actually happens on prom night to find out exactly what to look for and discuss with your teen: So the next year, the same friends were getting together, and I was dating a different guy.

For some reason, when I asked if I could go to the party, my parents said yes So I told my parents I was going to the party and ended up going to my date's house where I spent the night hanging out in his living room with him and another couple. Other than some kissing, nothing "naughty" went on. Of course, the irony is that at the party I should have been at, there were a bunch of teenagers drinking. Maybe my parents should have listened to me? Then the hotel we all got rooms at. We played drinking games and ate and talked then maybe got an hour of sleep.

Then breakfast and home to bed. Then my friend's dad drove us home again after the dance.

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