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Two doctors say it Cu, good if a woman swallows semen often. In Biblical times, the early Jews believed that when a man ejaculated semen this made him ritually Cjm until evening. It is okay if a man swallows his own ggallery. Any object that semen touched also became unclean, and if the man had sex with a woman she became unclean until evening. Some examples are set out below: Some orchids have underground tubers, which are swollen roots used by plants for storing food. A statue of a satyr in the Athens Archaeological Museum Many cultures around the world once thought or still think that semen has special or even magical qualities. Semen quality[ change change source ] A photograph of human sperm.

In the traditions of Bali in Indonesiawhen a man ejaculates semen into a woman's body, he is considered to be repaying his mother's kindness in giving him breast milk when he was a baby.

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In such cases, it may be necessary for the woman to have a baby through artificial insemination. The end of a condom has a small pouch called a reservoir, which is a space for the semen. Wash the eye with warm water.

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