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She was watching my face intently but she obviously couldn't tell in the dark that I had Mt eye open just a tiny bit. More likely, I'd jerked off before passing out. Then, my entire world was rocked: Red-faced, she fell completely limp in the chair. Jill sucked me harder and deeper and I felt the jizz rising. I couldn't see either one any more, but I heard Jill say 'See?

My room was dark. Just before I opened my mouth to ask what was up, she took a step forward. She looked at me as if puzzled; then said 'Oh, blackout again, eh? Should I have stopped her?

This was just too much for me. You won't be ghosting, right?.

I saw Jill just after lunch that day. My sucjs gorgeous siblings were getting it on and I had a front row seat. She helped me in the house; I put on quite a show by being 'too drunk' to get out of the car on my own and 'too drunk' to climb the stairs. Jen put her hands on Jill's ass and started kneading her cheeks, reaching around and under and feeling through her panties for her now- wet vagina. Jenna was staring at my cock.

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