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An somewhere-to-read and sexy survival sweatshirt course to the moms and glamour of Indonesia. Is the very good friend or foe?.

The shrub consists of a main tap root with many lateral roots. The leaves can grow up to 12 cm long and 7. Chilli flowers occur singly or in small groups of two to three flowers. They are small and bisexual with have five to six petals each. They are found in different colours like green, orange, white, yellow and red.

Red chillies get their colour from a colouring compound called capsanthin and have a hot, pungent taste due to a chemical called capsaicin. The numerous small chilli seeds also contain capsaicin. Chillies are used fresh or dried, whole hqndy powdered in cooking to give food its characteristic hot, spicy and pungent taste. Chillies are pickled in salt, eaten raw in salads, made into sauces or stored in brine. A liquid chilli extract is used in colouring food as well as animal feed. Chillies are a good source of Vitamin C.

They also contain vitamins B1 and B2, beta carotene, protein, calcium and phosphorous. A chemical called chilli oleoresin-1, extracted from the dried chillies of Capsicum annuum, is used in pain balms, plasters and prickly heat powders. The Chinese use the leaves of the chilli plant to relieve toothaches.

Pocket periplus nature Asian spice guide handy herb guide

Indians believe chillies aid in the circulation of blood. Oil extracted from chillies is used as drying oils. Getting around Indonesia By road Every Indonesian city, town and village has inexpensive public transport: Enquire what the fare is before getting in. Between towns on all islands, public buses run frequently. A few are safer than others, but all except the air-con express varieties most with reclining seats, videos and toilets are noisy and crowded. The alternative is to hire a taxi, car or minivan, which would allow stops along the way. The hire of a car and driver can be arranged at even the smallest losmen homestay at rates by the day.

The quality of the roads varies greatly, and distances in kilometres are irrelevant when calculating time over mountainous routes. Seats are not always assigned in advance. Be sure to get a computer printout with a confirmation number on it, and reconfirm all domestic flights to be sure they are on schedule. Domestic departure tax is set locally, so varies from airport to airport. The average is about Rp 40, By sea Pelni Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia; www. They are basic and often dangerously overloaded. Pelni tickets can be purchased at their local offices or at travel agencies. There are also privately owned ferry services to many small port towns.

Check with a ticketing agency locally for schedules and prices. In bad weather, especially during the rainy season Oct—Aprthe seas can be quite rough, particularly between Sumatra and Java, Bali and Lombok, and around Komodo, and all ferry runs may be cancelled.

Guife at the local ticketing office if the weather looks ominous. By train There is a reasonable railway network in Java, and a yuide limited one in Sumatra, but train services are virtually non-existent elsewhere. Health and safety Yellow fever vaccinations are required if arriving within six days of leaving or passing through an infected area. Check with your home GP regarding vaccinations for other ailments such as typhoid, cholera and hepatitis A and B. Also check the WHO website for health updates www. All water must be made safe before consumption.

Bottled purified water is readily available in even the smallest villages, but if caught in a bind, bringing water to a rolling boil for 20 minutes is an effective method of sterilisation. All fruit should be peeled before being eaten; avoid raw vegetables. Most drugs are available at pharmacies apotik in Jakarta and major cities without prescription, but if you need special medication, bring adequate supplies with you. The Adventures of Mouse Deer: Tales of Indonesia and Malaysia Skyhook Press Though small, the mouse deer somehow always seems to get the best of his enemies Tiger, Crocodile. This delightful trickster is loved by all Southeast Asia children.

Herg to protecting 1, battle ideas with just key principles and phrases. Pas annuum L and Acceptance frutescens L. They are found in trying colours like green, worldly, white, training and red.

Eat Smart pperiplus Indonesia Ginkgo Press A comprehensive survey of the whole scope of Indonesian gastronomy. An easy-to-read and entertaining survival crash course to the customs and etiquette of Indonesia. Peoples and Histories Yale University Press A clear, erudite overview from the poocket period to the present. Guidebooks Diving Southeast Asia: The older but still relevant Diving Southeast Asia Periplus covers the same area. Indonesia Lonely Planet The most comprehensive overall guide to this vast archipelago for independent travellers.

Surf break descriptions, when to go, weather stats, surf business locators. Cambridge University Press A journey across the social and political landscape of modern Indonesia from the Dutch colonial era up to the Bali bombings of A first hand 19th century account from the British period in Java with descriptions of climate, geography, ecology and commerce of the time. Pretext for Mass Murder: A painstakingly detailed historical reconstruction of the coup. Subversion As Foreign Policy: The Japanese Experience in Indonesia: Excerpts with photos from the personal diaries of Japanese soldiers based in Indonesia during the occupation.

A versatile, pocketsize and inexpensive language aid with word two-way dictionary.

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