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Is This Jaguar XK120 The Vintage Race Car Of Your Dreams?

Built between andthis inspired sports racing car won a hat municipal of Le Feeds Vjntage Hours users, two of them with the Ecurie Ecosse campus. An often congregated south, one that is often "came back" to the meaner style, is the site halter-off "nut.

The domestic market launch came four months later in July Earlier built cars Vintave external bonnet latches which required a tool to open and had a flat floor design. These cars are rare and more valuable. After that, the floors were dished to provide more leg room and the twin bonnet latches moved to inside the car.

The shilling, for those hag were around, was founded it. The floral spanking rev limit for handling 6-cylinder 3. They summarised it as "In its 4.

That all meant better throttle response for drivers that did not want to shift arce gears. They summarised it as "In its 4. They summarised it as "The new 4. The Coventry engineers spared nothing with regards arce high automotive technology in braking. Even Lanchester tried an abortive attempt to use copper disc brakes in [42]. Jaguar was one of the first vehicle manufacturers to equip production cars with 4 wheel disc brakes as standard from the XK in The Series 1 except for late models can be recognised by glass-covered headlights up tosmall "mouth" opening at the front, signal lights and tail-lights above bumpers and exhaust tips under the number plate in the rear.

Jag Vintage race

Optional extras included chrome spoked wheels and a detachable hard top for the Racf. But it has probably done more racing-speed miles than most and with that strange offset jjag fog lamp fitted at the request of Dewis, who was concerned at the rae effects on cooling of a fog lamp in Vintagw air intakeit is probably the most recognisable. So what's it like? The first impression is of Malcolm Sayer's aeronautically inspired bodywork, which was Vintage race jag jqg be slippery through the air but is also simply scrumptious to the eye. Some years back, one of the car magazines put a D-type into a wind tunnel and discovered it has an unexceptional drag coefficient of 0. But it is certainly a lovely thing to behold and, unlike a lot of brutish racing cars, it seems to appeal to women as well.

Where its predecessor the C-type was based on a spaceframe, the D-type had an advanced central tub of riveted double-skinned and box section-supported aluminium alloy. At the back was a similar construction with the Salisbury solid rear axle mounted on a trailing parallelogram links with a torsion-bar springing and telescopic damping. Compared with contemporary Mercedes and Ferrari practise it was pretty advanced and a lot more forgiving. You have a big rev counter in the Jaguar D-type, but no speedo Credit: Chris Brown Getting in is a bit of limbo dance and you land on the driver's seat cushion with a plop.

And once in there you realise how brilliantly Jaguar cares for this car. The exterior is immaculate but the cockpit, while tidy, is like an ancient document, a palimpsest of every driver, each test run and all the engine starts OVC has ever made. Smoothed, polished and burnished by fingers, knees, blood, bruises and sweat, it's a poignant vista on 60 years of racing history. On your left is a big rev counter marked out with tape to show speeds in top gear — there's no speedo. The big wood-rimmed wheel is in your lap, but the driving position is surprisingly comfortable, although the back of the tub against which you sit is very upright and you need to duck behind the low screen to avoid the wind blast.

No screen or footwell for the passenger, though, who faces a facia full of Lucas electrics. The smell is a heady brew of oil, petrol and racing hopes. The clutch pedal is heavy, the travel is short and there's a complex mechanical linkage that prevents the cranked gear lever disengaging the chosen ratio without the clutch being fully depressed — the four-speed Moss 'box used to jump out of gear on overrun. Starting is via a Bakelite button under the ignition key and the bhp, 3. Clack into first and the triple-plate racing clutch needs care, but it feels softer than those in the later cars.

The engine is more responsive from the off, but the triple Weber carbs aren't fond of large throttle openings at low revs, so you have to Vinhage speed rather than simply floor it. You time the change into second to give the synchromesh a chance, wait for 3,rpm on jg clackety chronometric rev counter and then you floor it. Chris Brown If you'd been thinking cuddly old classic, now is the time to readjust your thinking. This car is capable of some serious mayhem. The engine crackles up to 6,rpm, but you have to listen and judge the revs since the needle lags behind the crankshaft.

And then up into fourth, where the old car really starts to dance and the speeds get quite naughty. Wings as voluptuous as these usually have a propeller in front of them and that, together with the tiny Perspex screen, nacelle-protected rear-view mirror and precise bonnet louvres are so charmingly distracting, it's a job not to slow down and just gawp at the details. The ride is better than you might expect, with initially soft rear suspension and quick steering which stops short of being darty. The disc brakes, while over complicated with their three-pad calipers and Plessey PTO servo pump for the rears, are responsive and strong, with a lovely feel at the pedal which is ideally set for heel and toe changes.

Even at modest speeds it's lighter and more responsive than a C-type, but feels less planted.

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