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In another method, a wire is fixed to the victim and a wire with a bare end or an electrode with a wooden insulating handle is moved around to touch different sensitive parts of the body in turn, so as to cause a current to flow through the body between the two electrodes.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Only in South America was this type of torture called the parrilla. Damage was often caused where the movable electrode was applied close to the point where the fixed electrode had been placed. For some women, part of their preparation was to be raped on arrival in the torture room in order to "soften" them.

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Women, in particular, found the process of being prepared for a session on the parrilla degrading. Sometimes the violent muscle contractions in the restrained limbs caused them to fracture. A part of the torture process was that both female and male victims were made to feel utterly helpless and in the power of their torturers. Unlike beating and other forms of physical torture, it required no physical exertion on their part and the severity of the torture was finely adjustable by simply varying the strength of the shocks. Symbolism[ edit ] The use of the parrilla has declined in many places where it was once common. Elsewhere in the world[ edit ] Electric shock torture has been, and still is, used in many places in the world, and often the victim is restrained on a frame or table.

By analogy, the metal frame used in the torture was given the same name because of its appearance and because the victim was placed on top of it like the meat on a barbecue.

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Sheila Cassidy wrote that she thought herself fortunate not to be raped as she knew other women had been. The torturer then touches the second electrode to different places on the body, such as the mouth, neck, torso, and legs. In Chile during the Pinochet regime to it became notorious as a routine tool of interrogation. The straps were tightened to prevent movement.

Please czrtoon improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. April Learn how and when to tortre this template message The parrilla was used in a number of countries in South Americaincluding Argentina during the dirty war in the s and s and Brazil. The victim was stripped naked, then laid on his or her back on a metal frame, often a bed-frame. When shocks were applied, victims say the experience was indescribably painful.

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