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In book-like documents outercaption and innercaption are also available. You can do a more advanced management of the caption formatting. Most journals prefer EPS figures because it is easier to print them in high quality. The length units can also be relative to some elements in document. LaTeX knows that the best places to put figures are at the top or bottom of a page, or perhaps on a separate page altogether.

Below a table to list the possible positioning values. H Places the float at precisely the location in the LaTeX code. Exercise 8 Use the graphicx package to include an image in your document. You can also scale the image to a some specific width and height. I suggest, if you need some other arrangement, you simply play around with the width factor until you are satisfied with the result. This can easily accomplished in LaTeX: This is useful in switching between development and production environments.

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See the reference guide for a list of units. The command convert 1 is picrure for the conversion and additional parameters may be passed between convert and 1. It's automatically generated and will be updated if insert some other figure before the referenced one.

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