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Vibrator generator w/accessories

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What is the warranty for the product? The emitted sound is a pure tone whose frequency can be anywhere between and Hz.

Present sound generators for seismic survey are usually big and heavy and generate sound pulses with a wide frequency spectrum, centered around Hz. As you increase the frequency, more and more loops in the string should become visible. VT10A; 7 pages doi: Although the amplitude of the axial displacement is fixed, combination of two vibrators of this type can make the amplitude variable by superimposition. The waveform displayed can be compared to that displayed on an oscilloscope when connected to a signal generator.

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Genegator is connected to a pin which sticks out of the top of the unit to which string can be attached. Using this equipment the speed of the displayed wave can be calculated using the known wavelength and frequency. The equipment can be produced continuously for a long time,with good cleaning effect,high efficiency and low noise. Adopting original Germany CeramTec piezoelectric ceramic chip. Operation The type of vibration generator pictured above is to be used in conjunction with a signal generator to produce varying vibrating frequencies which in turn can be used to create waves along a piece of string.

The cam-type vibrator described in this research is much smaller and lighter than present systems, making the deployment near the seafloor easy for even at great depths, which in return leads to more detailed results in stratum surveys.

Generator Vibrator

Professional after-sales service team to solve the problem. Unique design of saw-teeth water overflowing to ensure proper level and that the dirt can timely be escaped. Once receive your question, the supplier will answer you as soon as possible. The vibrator should be attached securely to a clamp and stand so it cannot move and a length of string attached to the end of the pin.

Typical yenerator asked about products Does this product support customization? Low cleaning cost,energy saving and environmental protection,long service life. Inside the unit is a coil of wire, magnet a diaphragm which converts this signal into vertical movement of the diaphragm.

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