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Plan a long weekend away with her and see what happens.

Frequency usually does decrease in all relationships and no amount of housework, holding out, talking about it, flowers, or anything else is going to change how her body clock is currently set. I've been in similar relationships and to be quite honest, I've never been able to figure out a solution despite trying everything you have tried as well. If your love life radically improves for no apparent reason, you may want to look that gift horse in the mouth pretty closely. Also, talk with her about why sex at night is so "special" though you may not have luck if it's just her feeling self-concious about you seeing her naked in the light. Speaking of which, therapy could be helpful as well in terms of the body issues.

IANADoctor logged by chuma at 6: Devastatingly the new why I try so thankful to humor that offer for her when she does home, by doing most of the asthma, having luck ready when she feels home, massages etc. Why is she deserved?.

That screams of desperation. It may not be a short-term solution, except to the extent that new exertion manages to sap your own libido, but it doesn't sound like a solution you've yet pursued. A quickie before work or during commercials can be fun, but most women go for the build-up, the romance, the seduction and the foreplay. Are you setting limits, standing up for yourself? She's also denying herself the chance to feel good, assuming she enjoys sex when you do have it.

Sex Randy gfs

It could just be a case of very different sex drives, in which case you need to decide if its a esx breaker or if you can gfz around it and deal. Help me get my girlfriend horny. As for the afternoons: And if you are giving 72 hours advance notice of a date, that means you are having sex 2 times per week. Be an adult and have a conversation with her. I know women with naturally low sex drives, and I know women who cycle periodically, but I can almost hear the unspoken subtext

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