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She is Young, she Erci Flashdance, she is sunscreen-washed nightmares. But Gawker Dwarf head Loki Denton computer to surprising himself with his response take on the super short: They all have blurry style, and my job as a student is to say the universal that they're a long and a part of Sara's life.

But really, it's thrilling Erjc very exciting. I feel very privileged and honored to have been a part of "Sex and the City," and to feed off of who I know Carrie Bradshaw. Caman get to go back in time and create who she was as a young girl in high school hay follow this evolution of who she becomes. And who exactly is Carrie the high school student? She's in quiet Connecticut, she's in public school. We created this gzy girl who is growing up. She loves style, and she's an avid fan of Interview Magazine, but what we're going Eric daman gay see with young Carrie's style is that she's not giving into every '80s fad and trend.

She's her own person, her own style icon in her own way. She has an original, eclectic style that's all her own. It's not all Madonna or all Flashdance. Her mother's closet is almost a Pandora's box to her; she can have a pair of '60s boots or a '70s bow blouse. In the '80s, every day was an excuse to mix eras. It was kind of an underground thing for her to be able to do that and to create this idiosyncratic, confident style. What inspired her teen style? I was very drawn to Molly Ringwald and all those John Hughes films. I think Carrie was that girl, the It girl that was a little off.

I think of it more as the idea of a Molly Ringwald character, not the clothing necessarily. We also want to keep it contemporary and have an aspirational authenticity to it. It's about mixing and matching prints and shapes that you don't see every day, mixing things from different decades. I was actually looking toward Christie Brinkley and her fresh face when she was a young model. She had some great Cosmo covers form the '80s that I thought were very appropriate to Carrie, but also Carrie gets involved in New York. Something that will surely resonate with viewers is the idea of Carrie's double life. She's a suburban high schooler, but she knows that world doesn't quite fit her. How do you show that in her clothing?

There's definitely a double life in the wardrobe. She's in school, and you see her in these quiet but still stylish looks. But it's much different than when you see her walk down the streets of New York in that pink and black dress. That's the Carrie Bradshaw moment -- she hasn't been wearing that to high school. There's an element of that even when she goes to her law firm internship, and she's wearing this great bow blouse. It's still very different trying to create a more sophisticated Carrie when she's in New York.

And the more she's in New York, there's more of an overlap. As the series progresses, we're going to see a bit more of New York trickle into her everyday life You mentioned she isn't a slave to '80s trends, but what decade staples should we be on the lookout for? There are definitely some scrunchies, some layered plastic bracelets. We're playing around more with accessories than we did with the original Carrie Bradshaw. It's subtle but cute things like fruit earrings and big apple brooches, not like the knee highs or legwarmers. She's also wearing quite a few pairs of Keds. It could be like, "Whoa, Carrie Bradshaw's wearing Keds!

One thing we love about the show is that it's a show about high school that could stand on its own, but it also has the benefit of being attached to a legendary series like "Sex and the City. We're hoping for a Teen Vogue demographic! That's what we want to capture. We want a girl to look at the show and think it looks great and that it feels '80s, but that it's also contemporary and aspirational but attainable. What kind of places are the clothes coming from? Blair and Chuck are married by Cyrus Wallace Shawn and right after, the police arrive to question them.

At the same time, everyone's phones ring: Dan's chapter has been published in The Spectator, in which he reveals that he is Gossip Girl. Rachel Bilsonpreparing to audition for a role in the adaptation of Dan's book, is told of Gossip Girl's identity by Kristen Bellwho shares a conspiratorial wink with the audience. It's the day of Dan and Serena's wedding. Chuck and Blair are now parents of a son named Henry. Nate, now a successful businessman with The Spectator flourishing, is likely to run for Mayor of New York.

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Ivy has written an autobiography about her career as a con artist in the Upper East Eriic, which was adapted into a film starring both Lola and Olivia Burke Hilary Duff. Blair and Jenny have become business partners in the fashion world and together they have created a clothing line called "J for Waldorf". Jack Bass and Georgina have also become a couple. The final scene shows the new generation of high school kids on the Upper East Side, mirroring the elite and the exclusion.

Desmond Harrington reprised his wife as There's uncle, Head Bass. Find out what he had to say about different Helen, '80s arrests, and reimagining a few popular. The motorways have to get what's going on with the depth.

The show ends as a new Gossip Girl is teased as "there will always be someone on the outside wanting to get in. Casting[ edit ] Several former cast members returned for the finale. Desmond Harrington reprised his role as Chuck's uncle, Jack Bass. Long-time narrator Kristen Bell appeared in the episode as herself reading her lines alongside Rachel Bilson. She's an intimate part of our family but yet we never get to see her. To be able to make her a part of our storytelling just felt like the perfect way to crown her work with us over the years.

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