Vintage korean chess set

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Vintage Korean Chess Set - 19"x19" Board - 5" King

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His sister Dani, who is korexn art education at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, created this plaster chess set for him as a Christmas gift in They are much more detalied. The Sarisohns share a passion for collecting chess sets, which began when Bernice gave one to Floyd as an engagement gift.

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The board has some cracks on the surface see pictures. The pieces are the same, but the board is different design. Your return must have the same serial numbered item for a refund to be issued. Jan 15, 10 Hello, My name is Scottie. Along with the chess set, students created shadow puppets, a comic book, and bookmarks that tell the myths and stories of their characters. The pieces are pink and blue, the colors stereotypically associated with girls and boys. The marble pieces are 4" tall on average not counting pawns.

On electronics, we log and chesa the serial numbers in the listing. Can anyone tell me anything about it other what is wrote here. Colorful Vinage depicting gods and goddesses invented by the fourth grade students at The Saint Michael School of Clayton. The squares, painted in unconventional colors and patterns, can be rearranged, making the board customizable. I honestly can not find no imformation on it at all. Notice how many details it has in it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Korean chess set Vintage

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