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Learn about the clitoris. Pornography can be used as a common language, it can be used to introduce new ideas — remember when interracial sex was a new idea? Fisting is on this list. If you, like me, want the world to understand what it is, and how to do it safely. In the age of Two Girls One Cup. I think people assume that fisting is fast, painful, scary.

If you, without me, gene fisting and want to see it become a less shamefull, tabboo sex act. Get yourself sex personal on boxed pleasure. No sordid for you.

Your ignorance is keeping you down. Gay men do it. All sex lives in this liminal space — who we let close to us and what we are willing to do with them relies so heavily on our attraction and also where our bodies and minds live at that moment. Learn about sex toys. Remember that old movie Deep Throat? Tell the world you like fisting. Adult industry lawyers have a list of things that can trigger obscenity lawsuits.

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The fistee is left feeling full, and often times the fister Wolrd feel the beating of the heart, muscle swelling, and the walls of the vagina moving up and down the hand. Once the hand is fully inside, it generally stays still, allowing both parties to experience that connection. Remember when lesbian sex was a new idea?

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