Facial injury

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Initial Assessment and Evaluation of Traumatic Facial Injuries

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A thorough physical and medical examination will also be conducted, to note any injuries Fadial your face and other parts of your body. Although there has been greater acceptance and enforcement of traffic safety measures, automobile-related trauma is still the leading cause of facial injuries.

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Difficulty breathing, seeing, talking or swallowing Facial swelling or misshapen face Cut or Facisl wound on your face Facial pain Bruising or discoloration behind your ears, eyes or under your tongue Widening of the distance between your eyes, which may indicate injury to your injurry sockets Facial numbness or tingling Skin infections or rashes When making a diagnosis, your doctor will begin by asking about your medical history, including any events that may have caused your facial injury. If facial lacerations cross this line, there is a risk that the parotid duct is damaged.

Facial injuries in particular should have the examiner on the lookout for airway compromise, uncontrolled hemorrhage and aspiration, as well as concomitant neurologic injury. The approximate location of the course of the duct is the middle third of this line. Airway Airway compromise can occur as a result of direct injury, edema, hemorrhage, or even foreign bodies Fig. The overall goal of repair is a return to a preinjury state of form and function. For extensive facial injuries, incisions to expose the bones and then a combination of wiring and plating techniques may be used.

The middle third of this line is the approximate location of the course of the parotid duct. Blind intubation, either orally or nasally, carries with it a risk for exacerbating an already delicate situation. Thus it is easier to begin with indicators to alert the astute practitioner toward these events. This has led to a modification in the frequency of certain injury patterns, particularly with the rise in extreme action sports and martial arts. Patients can be reassured that their care is managed by a variety of specialists knowledgeable in the assessment and management of complex facial injuries.

Control bleeding Treat the fracture and fix broken bone segments Prevent scars, if possible Prevent long-term double vision or sunken eyes or cheek bones Rule out other injuries Treatment should be done as soon as possible if the person is stable and does not have a neck fracture. The mandible may be fractured at its symphysis, body, angle, ramus, and condoyle.

Injury Facial

Abnormal feelings on the cheek Irregularities of the face that can be felt by touching Movement of the upper jaw when the head is still A CT scan of the head and bones of the face may be done. Treatment[ edit ] An immediate need in treatment is to ensure that the airway is open and not threatened for example by tissues or foreign objectsbecause airway compromisation can occur rapidly and insidiously, and is potentially deadly. The goal of treatment is to:

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