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The earliest two modules also contain a number of genes that had previously been identified as enhancing the risk of autism. A series of challenges Figuring out how autism starts is complicated. And expression of some of these genes at early stages in the process could mimic the progression of autism, accelerating the developmental process. Finally, the human brain is simply not something you can ethically do invasive experiments on. This sets the stage for problems in everything that comes after it.

These teaaches the use of stem cells to study diseases that are otherwise difficult to address experimentally, the ability to do teadhes RNA sequencing, and the algorithms that let us analyze this data—all are relatively recent developments. In humans, neural stem cells are specified before three weeks into the pregnancy—a point when many people aren't even aware or certain they're pregnant. To test this idea, the authors came up with a clever solution. But the results do indicate that, at least in some individuals with autism, problems start extremely early.

At five different time points during the development of these cells, the researchers separated out the nerve cells or nerve-cells-to-be.

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The timing of all of this tesns to the authors that the problems in tteaches autistic individuals came from the process of forming neural stem cells. But a new study places the critical point extremely early in embryo development—at a point before there are any mature nerve cells whatsoever. Share on Reddit While autism is a spectrum of disorders, it's clear that the more significant cases involve physical differences in the brain's nerve cells. The earliest active module, however, appeared to be active on an accelerated schedule in the cells that came from autistic individuals.

So there's still a lot of work to do here. Several studies have reported an excess in connections among neurons in the brains of people with autism.

Teaches teens Mature

The new work tees on techniques that weren't available just a few decades ago. As had been seen in past studies, the mature nerve cells derived from autistic individuals created very complex patterns of branching axons compared to control cells. And, in fact, it does.

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