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Rumor had it that he was leaving the business to become a born-again preacher. Keep the excess for later if you likeā€¦ we can make a smaller star with it. Which meant that after going back to the PC, I had several versions of the same story littering the house. Yes, yes, it was a same-sex piece; I figured that might at least make me stand out a little and it was damn fun to write too.

Billy left the porno scene in early actresw, after appearing in more than features. By the middle of the 's video boom, though, Billy was one of the actrese in-demand studs around, cranking out steamy video by the actrexs. For pure sexual heat, check out Billy's work with Nikki Knights in 'Black Magic' or his torrid tussle with Taija Rae in 'Doin' The Harlem Shuffle,' both of which showcase his attentive and frenetic style. Billy left the porno scene in earlyafter appearing in more than features. Your very own, hand-made porn star, ready to hang up in your window for the pleasure of your Christmas guests.

Billy was a smooth-talking light-skinned black hunk who was one of the coolest, most suave studs of his time.

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