Reusable anal lube applicator

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Applicator Reusable anal lube

To address vaginal dryness we usually recommend using the applicators once a day to establish a good degree aplicator hydration. YES water and oil based lubricants are better, in this respect, than all other lubricants as they contain no glycerin, sugars, petrochemicals, parabens, grapefruit seed extract and no skin irritants or hormones. HIV prevention, young MSM, rectal microbicides, applicators, delivery systems, acceptability, USA, Puerto Rico Introduction Men and women who practice anal intercourse often use lubricants to facilitate penetration 1 — 3.

The vulval dryness can lead to irritation and I am keen to find something that might help to soothe this. For example, in the first human trial of a potential RM, Gross et al.

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I hope that helps. Once applied how long does the lubRican stay active in the body? Hi, I just purchased the pre-filled applicators. However, I wasn't sure if I should just go straight for the VM?

Unfortunately, RM applicators have encountered sub-optimal acceptability. Participants reported applictaor likelihood to use either applicator in the future mean scores 9. Once any pronounced dryness has been alleviated, it is usually sufficient to use one applicator every two to three days to maintain comfort and internal moisture.

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