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She must do that she is frantic with each year of your capital or tongue and then falling into the there hole of pleasure. Some Does She Strand?.

G Spot Focus Focusing it on her G Spot is the first thing that comes to most people when using a dildo on their partner. Doing this is a simple case of angling the dildo so that pressure is applied to her G Spot with each stroke as you are pushing it in and out. If you want to make her come but she needs intense G-spot stimulation, a hard glass or even metal dildo just might do the trick. A warning about the A-spot: Remember that the vagina ends in a small neck, the cervix, that separates it from the uterus. Be careful to avoid her cervix or use gentler motions when stimulating her A-spot. Again, you can perform the same motion of dragging the tip of the dildo across it with every thrust in and out.

If you like, you can thrust it deeply and then just hold it in place. Once deep inside, you can pay attention to her clit or elsewhere on her body. Looking for more ways to use a dildo? It can be the perfect way to warm her up for anal sex beforehand. Make sure that your dildo has a flared base before inserting it. Otherwise, you risk losing it inside her! If you have a free hand, you can also finger her or rub her clit while using the dildo on her anally. There is a bunch of different combinations you can use for double penetration: You penetrating her vaginally while using a dildo on her anally. Having anal sex while you penetrate her vaginally with a dildo.

Regular vaginal sex while she is wearing a butt plug. One in her ass remember, it should be flared!

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One in her ass, ger in her vagina. There are also toys that have multiple penetration points for simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation and some offer in stimulation, too. Some curved vibrators can also be used for this. Double penetration is a more advanced technique, so you may want to save this until after she is more comfortable with the previous techniques to give her an orgasm during intercourse. If you penetrate her anally, do To cum on her penetrate her vagina afterward. Doing so will bring cuk matter poop into her vagina which will cause hsr infection. Make sure to thoroughly clean yourself first. Using Other Sex Toys There are a lot more sex toys that you can be using besides dildos, butt plugs, and vibrators.

There is a nearly endless supply of sex toys you can buy, but here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing on everything that is possible when it comes to sex toys. Anal Beads Anal beads are very similar to Tk plugs but are more like a series of butt plugs that are strung together. You can insert them into your partner and then pull them out. This alone is enough for some women, but others prefer Ti have them pulled out as they reach orgasm. Find out more in the Anal Bead Guide. Cock Rings Cock rings come in jer flavors. They are circular devices that fit around the base of your penis to keep it erect.

We advise that you use a cock ring that stretches to prevent it from getting stuck on your penis and damaging it. Find out more in this post about cock ring s. Restraints Restraints can be a great way to dominate your partner and leave them powerless. Of course, the roles can be reversed too. Find out more about restraining your partner in this part of the Kinky Sex Guide. Alternatively, a sex swing may be what you are looking for. Other Sex Toys There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to sex toys, whether you want to experiment with strap-ons, ben wa balls, nipple clamps, prostate massagers, different types of lube, penis pumps, penis extenders, remote control vibrators, pocket pussies or even sex dolls.

So if your partner is keen, you are in for a lot of fun! I talk about this in the post that introduces the 8 vital rules for BDSM. Here are a few ways you can be more dominant. Tell her what to do in bed. Of course, being the submissive may be your preference. In that case, the roles will be switched, and your partner will be the one telling you what to do. For more on this, check out the guide on how to be submissive …again, beware that I wrote this guide for women and that it still applies to guys. Instead, it can be much more subtle where you are deciding what position to try next or what she should wear to bed. Rough or Loving or Somewhere in Between?

Being rough or loving during sex is similar to being dominant or submissive in that it occurs on a spectrum. A few ways to have rougher sex include: Pinning her arms above her head. Lightly digging your nails into her shoulders, back, ass, hips and legs and gently scratching her. Getting more vocal with your dirty talk. By the way, rough sex is not about hurting your partner. Instead, you need to focus on being passionate. Kissing her slowly and passionately. Whispering in her ear, telling her how much she means to you. Slowing right down and maintaining eye contact with her during sex.

Using a more intimate position like Spooning or Missionary. My advice is to actually constantly switch up your styles so that you always keep things fresh. Well, when someone is about to orgasm, they will start to tense up breathe faster… Both guys and girls do this. The mistake many guys make at this stage is that they start to speed up or change their rhythm. She needs you to maintain your rhythm.

So continue doing more of the same. If you change the rhythm, om might make her unable cm orgasm. So, rhythm is important not just for making her come but to make her more easily. More Sex Positions I have put together hed detailed guide with over different sex positions. Just move on to the ones cuj do cuum pleasurable. What Does She Want? The only person who knows exactly what your partner wants is… Your partner! As I mentioned at the start To cum on her the guide, these techniques are not rigid laws; they are guidelines, that cim need to adapt to your own girl and relationship. This might mean ehr trying to give her an orgasm because, focusing on orgasm as the goal can be distressing for some women, especially if they struggle to climax.

This distress can then make it harder for her to come [ 8 ]. So when she gives you advice or asks you to do something different: Then bask in the glory of her orgasm, which you contributed to! This, ironically, can make her have less powerful orgasms and in some cases, prevent her from having an orgasm altogether. Now that you know how to give her an orgasm, check out this post to discover how to last longer in bed. Show Enthusiasm One of the most important pieces of advice I give to women who want to please their men is to show enthusiasm. This advice applies to you, too, men! And if she can tell, it might actually make it harder for her to orgasm.

Women are often self-conscious enough about the way their bodies look, smell and taste, what they like in bed, and how long it takes them to orgasm. It was like a dream had come true… But I have concerned it was a fluke. I repeated this with the same girl several times, but worried if I would be able to repeat the results with other women… but I did. So 20 minutes to orgasm?

Scientists put her in an MRI like a machine, studying her brain waves, and they were, in fact, identical to the overwhelming hurricane of brain activity that occurs during orgasm. She was having an orgasm just from thought. Talk dirty during foreplay, and during sex… when her mind is into it, and she lets loose, then orgasm will occur quicker. This is also a great way to know what she likes. Different strokes for different folks. This might be shocking news but newsflash, vaginas are not made from cookie cutters, each one is unique in its own way. Not only on a physical level is each woman different but there is also the mental aspect to consider.

Stimulate Her Clit Temporarily Entering That tip is obviously important cuj you have years retiring long. So if your best is resting, you are in for a lot of fun!.

Definitely, your own virility influences the strengths of her pleasure. Stimulate Her Clit Before Entering This tip is especially important if you have problems lasting long. Plus, the soft, warm physical sensation it provides… women love it. Some women can only come with a clitoris, enjoying penetration afterwards, without a climax. Nothing wrong with that! Ask her about her preferences. From my experience slow regular moves, without rushing nor pushing too hard works best. No matter if you touch it or lick it, one thing is crucial:

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