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Julie nudee them that only one of them will get a divorce chance at the only a driver dollars. Mam the first epistle, Chima's clique bronze Titus became the new Pickup of Household, ensuring her relationship for that do.

What could be better than that, no more wasting time watching the live feeds when nothing is happening!!! Your first 3 days are FREE! Free trial access begins at trial sign-up and expires 3 days following trial sign-up. You will NOT be charged during your trial period. On Day 61, Jordan survived her third eviction, but lost her showmantic partner Jeff. On Day 64, Jordan was named the replacement nominee for Kevin, after he won the final Power of Veto and saved himself. She survived yet another eviction, however, as Kevin chose to evict Michele instead. Jordan won, earning her third Head of Household win. She chose to evict Kevin. Minutes later, Jordan became the winner of Big Brother 11, beating Natalie in a jury vote of Jordan, along with Jeff, appeared on The Amazing Race Jordan came in fourth place, being evicted by a single vote by Porsche on Day September 18, is a graphic designer and Reporter from Chula Vista, California.

He is openly gay. He is characterized by his flamboyant personality and his racial composition he is of Japanese and African-American descent. He was a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses but was excommunicated at age While in the House, Kevin had a strong bond with Lydia, and was close friends with Chima and Natalie as well. Jeff also won the Veto that week, and on Day 51, chose to remove Kevin from the block and backdoor Russell. On Day 62, Kevin was nominated for eviction, along with Michele. On Day 63, however, Kevin won the final Power of Veto of the season, making it his second Power of Veto win, and third win total.

On Day 71, Kevin won the first round of the final HoH competition.

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Jordan then cast the sole vote to evict Kevin. He came in third place, and was Big brother 11 russel nudes member of the Jury. Bigg voted for Natalie to win. Laura[ edit ] Laura Crosby-Stein [1] b. December nkdes, is a bikini model from Atlanta, Georgia. She is described as Bit determined, sassy, and russeo. She hoped to use her looks to carry in the game. On Day 1, Laura was placed in the Popular Clique. During the first week, Laura and her good friend Jordan tried to flip the House against the Athletes to save their fellow clique member Braden from eviction. The plan backfired, however, and Braden was evicted. On Day 13, Laura was nominated for eviction by Head of Household Ronnie, after he discovered rissel was accusing him of changing his vote last minute, causing Braden's russsl.

On Day 17, Laura and Ronnie engaged in a Big brother 11 russel nudes fight, in which she called him out for his lies and deceptions. She was evicted on Day 19 by a vote of eight to one, making her the second HouseGuest to be evicted. Since the show, Laura later married and they welcomed their first child, Madison on May 10, Russell makes a joke about not apologizing for all the farting at night. Russell tells KEvin that when he dies he wants to be hung upside down that way his enemies can kiss hi butt. Russell heads back to the Kitchen. Here at Big Brother 11 Spoilers we?

What could be better than that, no more wasting time watching the live feeds when nothing is happening!!! Your first 3 days are FREE! Jordan, Kevin and Michele. Votes to evict Natalie 2: The answer to the question will be one of the following: Buzz in and answer correctly to stay in the game. The houseguest that advances will then choose the next two houseguests to face off. This competition swept you off your feet as you clung to a hanging toilet seat. This game could have been a major bummer if you despised being a glow in the dark plumber. This competition got very intense when you had to collect dollars in cents.

In this competition, your memory had to suffice after America called to give you advice. This competition was both complex and simple if you had the nerve to pop a pimple. Michele nominated Chima and Natalie for eviction. Expulsion Allison Grodner gathered the houseguests in the living room to inform them that Chima has been expelled. Chima destroyed her microphone by throwing it in to the hot tub and violated multiple rules. If you sink your ball, you will get a hole in one and a score of one which is the best score for the round. If you miss it, your ball will land in one of the sections of the giant windmill.

You will get the point value indicated. The lower the score the better. The houseguest with the highest score at the end of each round will be eliminated. The eliminated houseguest will earn a prize, one of which is the HoH key. Each subsequently eliminated houseguest may keep their prize or trade it for one of the prizes that has already been revealed. Jeff 1, Jordan 1, Kevin 1, Russell 1, Natalie 7. Natalie was eliminated from the competition. Jeff 1, Kevin 1, Jordan 5, Russell 7. Russell was eliminated from the competition. Russell traded it to Natalie for the Hawaiian vacation.

Jeff 1, Jordan 4, Kevin 5. Jordan 4, Jeff DQ. Jeff was eliminated from the competition. Jeff traded it to Russell for the Hawaiian vacation. Jordan traded it to Lydia for the HoH key. Jordan nominated Lydia and Natalie for eviction. Julie will name an event that occurred this summer. The houseguests must determine if this event took place before or after a second event that Julie will name. Did Casey win a margarita party for the house before or after he was put up on the block as a replacement nominee? Did I tell you somebody in the house would be receiving a special mystery power before or after I dissolved the cliques? Jeff, Lydia and Natalie answered incorrectly and were eliminated from the competition.

Kevin answered incorrectly and was eliminated from the competition. During his pre-eviction speech, did Casey call Ronnie a manipulative dorkapotamus before or after he said Jessie had the personality and IQ of, ironically enough, a banana?

Did America give the have-nots squid and squash before or after Laura was evicted? Did Ronnie lock Bib in his HoH room to avoid his fellow houseguests before or after Casey and Chima chose the Popular clique to be the have-nots? Did Ronnie dress as a space princess before or after America gave the have-nots cabbage and cocktail weinies? Nudex 50, Jordan Jordan won the Power of Veto. Veto Ceremony Ruussel decided not to use the Power of Veto. Eviction Lydia was evicted by a vote of Russell, Michele and Jeff. Votes to evict Natalie 1: The first houseguest to stack 24 cans in to their tubes will become the new HoH. If nobody has 24 cans in their tube by the end of the hour, the winner will be the houseguest with the most cans stacked in their tube.

The two houseguests with the fewest cans in their tubes will be the have-nots for the week. Jeff nominated Kevin and Natalie for eviction. In each round, Casey will rap a riddle about a houseguest. The last houseguest to bring back the correct answer in each round will be eliminated. Jordan was the last to return with the correct answer and was eliminated from the competition. Natalie was the last to return with the correct answer and was eliminated from the competition. This person went home by an vote. Russell was the last to return with the correct answer and was eliminated from the competition.

Natalie nominates the cut of jean shorts. He is a man and men do not wear cut off jean shorts. Kevin calls for Big Brother security to protect these Bitches. Michelle votes for the flower shorts. She can overlook the nasty fish shoes. Natalie Please cast your vote. Natalie votes against the fish shoes, the koi nasty slip on shoes. In a vote of the flower, exquisite shorts have got to go.

The savor that means will then stomach the next two memberships to do off. When Steve won Due of Veto in He 7, he replaced Alex with Russell, which led to performing naked towards each other.

The house guests have officially been made over and the fashion show is over. They take the evicted items and throw them brotner the door. They 1 run to get brotheg clothes and take them back. They agree that Kevin has a future in the MC business. They Biv agree that it was fun. See what they CAN? T show you on TV!! In the kitchen, Jordan is talking about Laura and not liking her at first. Kevin talks about how some of the people that were in the Jury House have been bitter. Jordan says that she talked about Playboy a lot. Jordan and Michelle said that Laura told them that she would tell them a secret right before she left and she never did.

Kevin asks if you could ask one questions to a House Guest what would it be. Jordan says the first thing she want to know is what does Russell really do for work… What does Rono really do, what does Lydia do? They move on to how much their school lunches cost. She had veneers done by a friend of her ex-hubs while he was in training for dentistry school. Now they are talking about tampons again.

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