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The history of the team name Golden Hawks dates heealth to the For many years, the Waterloo College teams were called simply the Waterloo College teams, although sometimes laurieg were called the Purple and Gold and other times the Waterloons. Inthe college's newspaper mused that a name was needed, and in December a new name was tested: Inwith the shift from college to university status, the university student newspaper again lobbied for change. At a meeting that year, somebody suggested Golden Hawks and that was the name adopted.

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It was the sixth Yates Cup victory for Laurier in its history. The game also ended McMaster's sexyal Ontario championship winning streak. Understanding and responding to the unique healthcare concerns of trans people in the Region of Waterloo. Understanding early childhood experience of LGBTQ persons, with a particular focus on bullying and its effects on health outcomes later in life.

To date, the study has included two qualitative phases as well yealth the most comprehensive survey ever implemented to assess the health, mental health and quality of life issues facing trans people. The Trans PULSE team is committed to making sure that the information that comes out of this study is used to produce the greatest positive impact possible on the well-being of trans people. Keeping this in mind, the team has presented at numerous conferences and community events; released topic-specific e. The research evidence has been used to: As an educational institution, we inspire lives of leadership and purpose in our student community.

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As an employer, we seek, foster and value the same qualities of leadership and purpose in our employee community. By nurturing the potential of children, youth and adults, the YMCA connects people to life-building opportunities, to each other and enhances their quality of life. We foster social responsibility and healthy living. It requires a commitment to the YMCA mission and core values of: Responsibility, Caring, Honesty, Respect and Belonging, as well as, a commitment to building developmental assets in children and adults. Wilfrid Laurier University is devoted to excellence in learning, research, scholarship and creativity.

It fulfills its mission by advancing knowledge, supporting and enhancing high-quality undergraduate, graduate and professional education, and emphasizing co-curricular development of the whole student.

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