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She smiled and said, ok baby. Calvin said, Cliff turn on that switch over there beside you where the vacuum pumps will start up.

I said hell yea now her milk is flowing and we let go of her tits machone stood there and watched! I said, ok as he moved over to her other side. He turned it up higher, and her big pink nipples started moving even more. I told him when I walked inside; ok I got the bitch outside in the truck is everything ready for her in here? Using a real milking machine for dairy cows I followed her outside, got in and drove us over to the dairy farm. I came in from work and I acted like I was really pissed off at her the second I walked in the damn house.

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She walked over to me. We pulled out on the Tig and she said where we going baby? We got to the farm I pulled over to vkdeo dairy barn. Hell beg them to pull out and cum in your damn mouth if you have to bitch. She got to be such a true slut that she would tease both men and women that came to the house by wearing clothes that showed off everything they wanted to see and then some.

She shrugged her shoulders as if to say yea I guess he has at that and sudking undid the belt that held it closed and took it off. We just blocked off two of the suction tubes where only two of the four big suction tubes would pull a vacuum and the two we were not using would not just be sucking air. Hell just about the same time we squeezed on them, her breast milk started squirting out of her big nipples from several different little holes all at once. Calvin turned it up higher and said, how about now? He said ok it should be pulling down on her nipples for about two seconds then releasing them for one second right now.

Calvin perky it up looking and very, how about now. I growing, ok as he missed over to her other side.

After I had to pay for her 4th abortion in less than 8 months the stupid whore got knocked up again! It was Friday afternoon and I was about to start my plan. I went in the milking barn where my friend Calvin was waiting for me.

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