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Apply Now: Virgin Atlantic Has Reopened Cabin Crew Recruitment

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Here is a snapshot of our business and some typical Virgin Australia job roles. Turbulence, decompression, pre-flight checks.

Atlantic careers Virgin

By chance, I met a woman at a party who csreers cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic. Over the next few weeks the intensity ramps up as we go through emergency landings, ditching in water, fire training and security, all vital subjects to learn. The welcome days are great. We strive to do better every single day and we do it with heart, spirit, imagination and collaboration.

We know that achieving our mission will require highly unusual levels of atlanticc and dedication. See if you have that special Virgin Australia talent, come join our team! United by this purpose and these values, we can do things that most people would think impossible. Job Listings You can view all open job positions or use the following search form to find jobs that suit your specific career interests.

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Not ready to apply? A spaceline for Earth. Despite my two degrees, I was really worried about getting things wrong. Taking off on a new career By: This is all about memory, recall and understanding why the processes are the way they are. But the fantastic trainers make it easy to take in and remember.

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