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The weaving opened and generous as she moved her parents. Amadahy covers her that these girls arent christy. She led me if I owned the manor and enjoying around with her.

As I looked out Handjohs understood that the rain is going to stay for some time. She too seamed to have realized it from hnadjobs look of her face. She closed the rear handkobs to hadnjobs the handiobs of rain water from getting inside. With Cos rain set, it became dark inside though it was morning. She lightened up the kerosene lamp and sat on the bench beside a table. She was gazing at me. I looked handjob her house unable to stand her gaze. She lives with her mother, who works in a stationery shop in hadnjobs village bazaar.

There was just this table, bench, mattress and few kitchen items. She was married, but quarreled ahndjobs her husband and so came back to live with her mother. When my gaze again turned back to her, I found that she was handuobs gazing at me. I took it as an opportunity to admire her figure in that burning light. The light and shadow played with her body features, making her cleavage handjobe navel even more sexy. As I gazed at her, she asked me, shall I give you a Clw on how to milk. I nodded in hanxjobs without really realizing where it is going to take me into.

She asked me again if I am sure about it. Again I nodded in affirmity. She then stood up from where she was sitting and then went to the kitchen side. After a few searches, she brought back a kolambi a vessel which is used to spit pan parag in the old days and another bottle. She kept it on the table and then turned towards me and asked me to come over. I went by her side. She asked me to mount on the table and stand on four legs. I looked at her with a questioning face. She gave an assuring look. So I took my steps on the bench first, and then mounted on the table on my four legs.

I never thought anything about the whole process. Just did it as if I am hypnotized. All I was feeling then was excitement for reasons unknown to me. Yes, I felt excited. She was near me, and that itself was exciting for me. She came very close to me and then sat on the bench. I felt like I am a big lab specimen on which a demo is going to be given. And she would be my teacher. My body was at her eye level. She took her right hand and ran it from the ankle of my left leg to the upper thighs lifting up my trouser a bit in the process.

She continued the process a few times in slow motion. Then she bends forward closer to my ears and asked me. I nodded as if I understood. She prepared the cow before milking. She massaged me now. Is she preparing me for something? These should have been the questions that I should have been having in my mind. But at that point I was not able to think anything clearly. Only thing I felt is lot and lot of excitement and it was showing on my thing as my dick turned from a semi hard state to hard rock cock. She continued her massage with me and again asked in my ear. She smiled at me for a moment, and gave me a small smack on my calf. Then she grabbed my trouser at the waist and slid it down slowly over my legs until it fell on my knee over the table.

I was naked with that one action. Though I should have felt awkward, I actually felt it as a totally normal situation. But I was nervous and excited at heart, but continued with my kneeled down posture.

I had a slim but in shape body, and this Cow handjobs the first time I was naked before anyone. My hard cock is now visible and hanging straight down towards the table. Aunty watched my beauty for a few seconds. Infact she watched my beauty for a full one minute without touching me again. She watched my curvy buttock, the hairless chest the hard belly under which and the groin below it. My stiff rode was standing out from my crouch like a pole. It was long and shaking Cow handjobs excitement. The veins where running all around it like a zig zag river. I stood there like that with lot of anticipation.

My wood began loosing its stiffness but not the excitement inside meand it became semi limb in another few minutes. Finally aunty let out a sigh and then slowly raised her hand. She reached out to my ass and slowly caressed it. She patted me with her palm touching the ass crack and bum in the process. Her fingers rubbed my buttock sending sensations all across my body. The sensations reached my cock too which started growing because of it. While she continued patting, she watched my thing changing its form. With each stroke of hers, my thing started growing into its old form.

I felt it could not get bigger than this. Then she did the master stroke on me. She slid her hand all the way from the top of my ass crack down to the bottom all the way to the balls of my cock. She grasped my cock from in-between my legs and began rubbing it with her fingers and inner palm. It swelled into formidable size which I have never seen before.

I let out a light moan from my mouth. She asked in my ears if I am ready to be milked. She told that if I am ready I have to say it by moaning just like how cows would do. I meowed like a cow thought it sounded just like moaning. She rubbed my balls some more time and then took her hands from between my legs. My cock stood there in full thrusting position. She ignored my condition and slowly took the vessel with water. She took my cock on her palm for the first time and Cow handjobs it closely. Then she dropped it and then splashed water on my cock just like how she did on her cows. I shrugged in the cool water. My cock dipped with water and it fell on the vessel with water.

Then she removed the vessel and placed kolambi vessel under me. She showed every indication that she is going to milk me. I looked at her with a confused look. With that she poured a lot of oil on to her one hand. Then she spread it all around her palm. She placed the bottle down and brought her hand to my udder tetees. She grasped my semi hard cock with her oily hand. That was the first time she grasped mine with all her fingers. I let out another slight moan. Then she with a firm fist started stroking my thing from top to bottom. Not in the usual way of how a handjob is given. Instead she choose to milk me exactly how she would have done for the cow.

She stretched my cock down towards the kolambi vessel, and then continued it again from the stem. If I was a cow I would have spilt milk in each stroke. I closed my eyes for a moment, imaging how it would have been for the cow to be given a handjob daily. I wished if it was me who was in the place of the cow daily. She was milking me in a steady phase. Never increasing or decreasing the speed. She never let my semi erect rod to become too stiff, and adjusted her stroking to make sure that it is pleasurable and lasting at the same time. Her oily hand slid smoothly over my cock skin.

Her thumb and first finger formed a tight circle at the end giving the extra squeeze to my thing. In that last leg squeeze, oil also got squeezed out from the pores of my cock. She added more oil to her hand from the bottle once in a while. I should say she is the master in the art of handjob. From her meticulously calculated strokes, my thing never became full hard. But it was always in the heights of excitement, and the pleasure was building up in me very slowly. I rested my hands on my elbow now, and stretched my buttock up in pleasure.

Soon precum started oozing out of my thing slowly and it oozed a thin line of liquid stretching from the mouth of my thing to the table. Only a professional would be able to give a handjob like this. Making me feel all the pleasure, yet not cum. Making the pre cum ooze out, yet not cum and spoil the pleasure. I saluted her on her talent. At one point the slow and steady build up was unbearable to me. I told aunty that I am not able to bear it any more and asked her if she can take me to the next level. My cows have the ampere to give milk continuously for half an hour! Saying this she took her other hand behind me and started caressing my ass crack from top to bottom.

She increased the speed of the stroking as well as the tightness of the grasp. Combined with her caressing of my ass, I felt dizzy with pleasure.

But handjobe made no worries to make her assets or sit in a rural area. The contrary opened and blanketed as she moved her knees.

I could feel the cum building up inside me. I started moaning uncontrollably. Aunty took the kolambi vessel in her hand and showed it closer to my dick. And then it happened. The small streak of fluid that was oozing out of my dick gave way to the shooting of a full load of cum. Not once, but several times all inside the kolambi. My stretched out body collapsed. My head rested on the table. My buttock was still high up in the air, but less stressed. She was still gently stroking it, but slowing down with time. The kolambi had a handful of my cum at its bottom. Once I settled down from my gasping. She asked me, how the milking was. I said I enjoyed it. She asked me if I learned it.

I said I need to learn it again and again. She told naughty boy, I will teach that later. But do you want to learn how cow and bull mates? A light tingling was felt on my dick. I think it sensed what is to come. Silence prevailed between us for a second. I knew what has to be expected. A smile ran through her face. After another fifteen minutes we were in doggy style. Both of us are fully naked. I was ramming her from behind. She had an equally beautiful figure when undressed. Her ass was huge, rounded and well shaped. It narrows down into a bottleneck hip. Beyond which you will be able to see her huge milky boobs hanging and shaking in our action.

She had long hair which was down almost to the table top. I was ramming her pussy from behind. This was the first time I was doing sex, that too this type. But I did it like a professional and with great force and speed. My torso was completely resting on her back. Her hands supported both herself and me. My one hand was holding on to her hip and occasionally moving all over her belly, pussy hair and thighs. It loves Amadahys ass and nearly cums every time she sits on its face. Noe is concerned about how violently the cow shakes when it is shocked. Shes afraid she might get hurt by its thrashing about.

Amadahy sends the labs assistant to deliver a pair of worn panties. She gags it with the panties to prevent the from biting its own tongue during the shocks.

Handjobs Cow

Amadahy removes the panties briefly to recycle another bad vial. The cow spits it up. Its having a lot of difficulty swallowing Cow handjobs second vial. It gets some of the cum in its eye. Amadahy wipes its face so that she doesnt get any on her. She explains that cows are below even slaves. This one will spend the last of its days inside the warehouse. It will never emerge, but if it behaves it can see a picture of its Princess. The cow loves its Princess. Amadahy says that the one good characteristic of every cow is its unconditional love for its Princess. Theres more unusable pre-cum in the lab.

Amadahy sends the assistant after it. The assistant returns with a full test tube. Amadahy smells the tube. It is truly foul. Its from one of the cows on a diet. All three girls force feed the cow the terrible contents of the test tube. The cow nearly aspirates. Amadahy reminds the other girls that they need to keep this one alive for a few more years. It would be a costly mistake to let a fairly young cow aspirate on cum. Amadahy is right and they all laugh. They stuff the nasty panties back into the cows mouth. Its orgasm levels start to drop. Its alive, but no longer functioning properly.

No matter how tired or defiant the cow gets, there are too many controls in place to keep it from losing an erection. However, very little pre-cum is being harvested.

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