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Cranberry Glass Lamps

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If you decide to purchase both lamps I will combine your shipping for the best cost insurance is included to all destinations. Goldtone Fittings 6 x 13 Silvertone Fittings 6 x 13 Condition: Gently Used Both lamps are in working condition and vintaeg of chips or cracks. Pinj lamp with the gold tone base has hobnai, working light bulb in the socket but the top shade is stuck in the neck. Both lamps are presented for sale as found and all sales are final. Because I sell all items in as found condition I have no history of their former life.

I cannot provide a vinyage of internal components or longevity of Glass hobnail pink vintage. This can suit red floral wallpaper, or furniture which has elements of red designs. However, any style of cranberry glass lamps work very well alongside plain wooden furniture, such as cherry or oak wood. How much flexibility do you need? This will depend on what you're buying the lamp for. Some people choose glass lamps for their workspaces, so the primary purpose is to give off some extra light. Others want the lamp for a bedroom, where it will induce sleep and create a warm effect.

Some cranberry lamps are adjustable, allowing you to swivel the lamp around or point the light at a certain angle. Others allow you to adjust the height of the lamp, which is a useful feature in many circumstances. Decide before you buy whether you want any extra features for your lamp. Once you've purchased it, there is usually no scope to customize the lamp, and doing so could come with more costs than simply buying an entirely new lamp. Although it does not mean that it has this fruit in the middle of a round shapes - it offers us a raspberry color of glass, combined with greenery and an iron topper with an iron handle in vintage style.

Representing the Victorian style, it will add style and chic to your interiors. If you are not certain of the condition, completeness or suitability of a given item, please bid accordingly a. The Auctioneer regularly posts item descriptions and photographs to aid bidders in the bidding process, and we make every effort to ensure that the descriptions and photographs that we post accurately represent the items being offered for sale. In some photographs, multiple items may appear to be joined as a single unit, however you should not assume that a lot consists of more than one item simply because various items appear connected or are featured in the same photograph.

Also understand that, on occasion, the Glass hobnail pink vintage photograph may be displayed for a given Glass hobnail pink vintage. At all times, you are bidding on items as they are vintate on this website, not as they appear in any photograph. We want everyone to be pleased with their purchases. When you bid on the wrong item or decide an item is not suited for your intended use, our clients will not assume the cost of your mistakes. You agree Glads your failure to become fully informed about the items pikn for sale in this auction will not be grounds for a refusal to pay amounts due to the Auctioneer nor for any claim against the Auctioneer.

When You Have Been Outbid: If you are outbid during the course hkbnail this auction, you will be notified by email, if you have chosen this option when vntage registered. You can see if you are high bidder at any time using the "Watch List" feature; items which you have put on the Watch List will show the bidder name of the high bidder. You should carefully review every bid you choose to make before submitting yobnail bid. The Auctioneer will not automatically assume that any bid, even a bid that increases your own lower bid, was made in error.

If you make some other bidding error e. Bidder's Duty to Report Fraud: You are responsible for all bids made from your account. If you believe that an unauthorized person has gained access to your account, you must notify the Auctioneer immediately by sending an e-mail to info estatesaleesperts. You must also report the incident to the relevant law enforcement authorities and send the Auctioneer a copy of any resulting police report. You understand and agree that if you do not promptly report any suspected fraud to the Auctioneer and to the relevant law enforcement authorities, you will be held personally responsible for all purchases made using your account and bidder number.

All aspects of this auction are subject to change without notice. The Auctioneer reserves the right to, at any time: In the event a seller withdraws an item from this auction prior to the close of the auction, the Auctioneer may leave the item on the catalog and buy the item back on behalf of the seller to establish the Auctioneer's earned commission and the buyer's premium due to the Auctioneer from the seller. The Auctioneer's online auctions are designed to mimic traditional "live" actions. For this reason, this auction will have a staggered, dynamic closing. Items' closing times may be extended past their scheduled closing time, however, as a result of the Auctioneer's dynamic closing feature.

The closing time of an item is automatically extended an additional 1. If you place a bid in this sale, and your bid is determined to be the winning bid, you become obligated to pay for the item s that you have won at the price you gave as your bid. If you end up placing one or more winning bids in this auction, the Auctioneer will contact you by the e-mail you registered with to let you know which items you have won. This e-mail notification will be the only contact you receive from the Auctioneer about your winning bids; this means that you are responsible for entering a correct mail and for checking your e-mail following the close of the auction to determine what items you have won.

If you do not receive an e-mail identifying you as a winning bidder, check your junk or spam list to see if it is there. If you do not receive an e-mail identifying you as a winning bidder it is because the Auctioneer has no record of your having placed a winning bid.

If you believe that you placed a winning vintagw, but do not receive an e-mail, you must notify the Auctioneer by sending an e-mail to Glasa estatesaleexperts. You agree that the Auctioneer will be the sole authority regarding the identification of winning bids. At the conclusion of this auction, the credit card associated with your account will be automatically charged for the full price of hobnaik purchases. For this reason, it is imperative that you provide the Auctioneer with a credit card that has sufficient credit available to pay for all of your purchases at the moment the auction closes.

If you choose to pay cash, you must notify the Auctioneer before auction closes. You understand and agree that if, at the end of this auction, the Auctioneer is twice unable to charge your credit card for the entire amount of your purchases; the Auctioneer will suspend your online bidding privileges indefinitely. You agree that you will accept all charges placed on the credit card associated with your account, and you agree that you will not charge back any amount that the Auctioneer charges to your credit card. You agree that this provision applies equally to amounts charged in connection with any items you have won and any costs or fees discussed in Paragraphs of these Terms and Conditions.

You agree that if, after being declared the winning bidder, you fail to pay for any item that you have won for any reason, your account will be declared in default. If you still refuse to pay for any item after being notified of your account's being in default, you agree that the Auctioneer will have the right to immediately resell your item, and you further agree to pay 1 any cost associated with the resale and 2 any deficiency between your original purchase price and the resale price.

The Abomination's online auctions are unique to go only "inwards" actions. Such cranberry prospects are able, allowing you to avoid the perfect around or banjo the muni at a cheap angle. It has born kickstand made of red carpet and glazed lampshade.

Picking Up Your Items: You are solely responsible for the safe removal of any items you may win at this auction during the posted pick up dates and times. Unless stated otherwise the Auctioneer does neither ship, nor does the Auctioneer hold items beyond the published removal times. If we are unable to ship items, the items will become property of EstateSaleExperts. The Auctioneer will not issue you a refund if you are unable to pick up and safely remove your items during the published removal times. Bidder's Duty to Remove Items Safely: Again, you are solely responsible for the safe pick-up, removal, and transportation of your items.

You agree that the pick-up, removal, and transportation of your items will be solely at your expense and at your risk. Release Upon Presentation of Receipt: You understand and agree that the Auctioneer will release your items only after you or your agent presents a sales receipt generated by the Auctioneer stating that your account is paid in full. You further understand and agree that it is your duty to ensure that any agent picking up items on your behalf has a copy of your paid sales receipt to present at the pick-up location. You explicitly authorize the Auctioneer to release your items to any person in possession of your paid sales receipt.

No item will be released to any person unless that person presents a paid sales receipt listing the item in question.

Vintage Glass hobnail pink

You understand and agree that any item that you do not pick up during the published pick up times will be considered abandoned. On select items the Auctioneer may be able to transport to warehouse for later pick up for a minimal fee with previous communication. Disposal of Unclaimed Items: In the event you refuse to pay for or abandon any item that you win at auction, the Auctioneer will have the option of reselling, removing, storing, or disposing of the unpaid or abandoned item.

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