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When opening the condom wrapper, be careful not to poke a hole in the condom with your fingernails, teeth, or other sharp objects. Put the condom on as soon as your penis is hard erect and before any sexual contact with your partner.

Before putting it on, hold the tip of the condom and squeeze out the air to leave room for the semen after ejaculation. If you aren't circumcised, pull down the loose skin from the head of the penis foreskin before putting on the condom. While continuing to hold on to the tip of the condom, unroll it all the way down to the base of your penis. If you are also using the condom as birth control, make sure your partner Condom sin connecticut a spermicide according to the manufacturer's instructions. Although the use of a spermicide increases the effectiveness of a condom as birth control, the use of a spermicide may increase the risk for transmitting HIV.

If you want to use a lubricant, never use petroleum jelly such as Vaselinegrease, hand lotion, baby oil, or anything with oil in it read the label. Oil or petroleum can weaken the condom, increasing the chance that it may break. Instead, use a personal lubricant such as Astroglide or K-Y Jelly. After ejaculation, hold on to the condom at the base of your penis and withdraw from your partner while your penis is still erect. This will keep semen from spilling out of the condom. Wash your hands after handling a used condom. What do you need to know about buying and storing male condoms? Buy condoms that meet safety standards. Condoms are made of latex rubberpolyurethane, or sheep intestine. Keep the condom wrapped in its original package until you are ready to use it.

Store it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Check the expiration date on the package before using. Don't keep rubber latex condoms in a glove compartment or other hot places for a long time.

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Heat weakens latex and increases the chance that the condom will break. Don't use condoms in damaged packages or condoms that Condoom obvious signs of deterioration, such as brittleness, stickiness, or discoloration, regardless of their expiration date. What are the advantages and disadvantages of male connectiicut Advantages They connecitcut the most oCndom protection available against STIs. They do not affect future fertility for either a woman or a man. They are used only at the time of sexual intercourse. They are safe to use while a woman is breastfeeding.

They are less expensive than hormonal methods of birth control. They are widely available without a prescription. They may help prevent a man from having an orgasm too quickly premature ejaculation. Disadvantages Some people are embarrassed to use condoms or feel they may interrupt foreplay or intercourse. Both partners must be comfortable with using a condom and be prepared to use one every time they have sex. Condoms may decrease sexual sensation. One end is closed and inserted into the vagina; the other end is open and the ring sits outside the opening of the vagina. How Do Condoms Work? Condoms work by keeping semen the fluid that contains sperm from entering the vagina. The male condom is placed on the penis when it becomes erect.

It is conhecticut all the way to the base of the penis while holding the tip of the condom to leave some conncticut room at the end. This creates a space for semen after ejaculation and makes it less likely that the Condom sin connecticut will break. After the male ejaculates, he should hold the condom at the base of the penis as he pulls out of the vagina. He must do this while the penis is still erect to prevent the condom from slipping off when he gets soft. If this happens, sperm could enter the vagina. The female condom is inserted into the vagina using the closed-end ring. The other ring creates the open end of the condom. The sheath then lines the walls of the vagina, creating a barrier between the sperm and the cervix.

The female condom can be inserted up to 8 hours prior to intercourse. It should be removed immediately after sex before standing up. The male and female condoms should not be used at the same time because friction can cause them to break up, or they can get stuck together and cause one or the other to slip during intercourse, making them ineffective.

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A used condom should be thrown in the garbage, not down the toilet. Once a condom is used, it cannot be reused. A new condom should be used each time a couple Codom sex and it must be used connectixut start to finish each time to protect against pregnancy and STDs. And a condom that seems dry, sticky, or stiff when it comes out of the package, or is past its expiration date, should be thrown away and a new one used instead. How Well do Condoms Work? Over the course of a year, 18 out of typical couples who rely on male condoms alone to prevent pregnancy will have an accidental pregnancy.

The use of the female condom is a little less reliable and 21 out of couples will have an unintended pregnancy. Of course, these are average figures and the chance of getting pregnant depends on whether the method is used correctly every time. Using spermicide with condoms will make condoms more effective at preventing pregnancy. However, spermicide, especially if used frequently, can cause irritation, which may increase the risk of getting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. For people who may have an allergic skin reaction to latex, both male and female condoms made of polyurethane are available.

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