Facial erythema upper quadrant pain diagnosis

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Left upper quadrant Abdominal Pain

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Erythema upper diagnosis Facial quadrant pain

Renal function and liver function also improved. Upperr opinion was sought and eryhhema multiforme major was diagnosed. Histology of a skin biopsy demonstrated a superficial perivascular chronic inflammatory Faciql in the dermis with uper of an interface dermatitis, i. This is consistent with erythema multiforme Figure 2. Aggressive carcinoid tumors tend quadrrant be functional and secrete several biologically active substances. Generally, vasoactive substances, such as Fqcial 5-HTsubstance P, histamine, catecholamines, prostaglandins, among others, that escape hepatocyte inactivation, provoke flushing 1219 These substances are usually secreted by carcinoid tumors that are located distal to the portal vein or downstream of functioning hepatocytes.

Up;er release of these substances is triggered by amine-rich foods, such as sherry, beer, fermented foods, and chocolate, pharmacologic triggers such as catecholamines, dopamine, pentagastrin and isoproterenol also seen in patients with mastocytosis and benign cutaneous flushingand increase in adrenergic activity, as seen in pain, anger, embarrassment, or exertion. Facial flushing, sometimes seen when 1-desaminoD-arginine vasopressin DDAVP is administered intravenously, appears to be mediated by prostacyclin production Trauma, either major or because of dental procedures, results in neuropathic pain and these are then managed as for any other neuropathic pain.

Burning mouth syndrome is rarely recognized as a neuropathic pain as it occurs principally in peri-menopausal women and is thought to be psychological. Chronic facial pain patients are best managed by a multidisciplinary team. Editor's key points Accurate diagnosis of facial pain is the first step in successful management. Dental and non-dental causes are both common, with consequent difficulties in appropriate referral. The evidence for management is often extrapolated from other chronic pain conditions. Well-designed clinical trials of facial pain are needed, with clinically relevant outcome measures. The area from the eyes down to the lower mandible of the face is a territory shared between the medical and dental professions.

The public remain confused as to who they should consult when they develop chronic pain in this area. The care pathway may be very different depending on who they consult.

Subacute and chronic LUQ pain results from inflammation, lymphatic, and Faial complications. Careful consideration of these structures coupled with labs, imaging, and a thorough examination will allow the hospitalist to narrow the broad differential. What is the differential diagnosis for this problem? Splenic etiologies include trauma, infarct, and splenomegaly secondary to neoplasms, lymphoma, portal vein thrombosis, Gaucher's disease, portal hypertension, and endocarditis.

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Finally, most common diseases of the renal system include pyelonephritis, nephrolithiasis, and perinephric abscess. A thorough history, as detailed in the section below, is critical to define acuity of LUQ pain, as several uppr emergencies may present with LUQ pain. By understanding the acuity, severity, and characterization of the pain, a targeted physical exam hpper be performed. There are several approaches to generating a differential diagnosis list for LUQ pain. One approach is to separate superficial or extra-abdominal causes of LUQ pain, and then focus on intra-abdominal causes of pain.

Extra-abdominal causes include dermatologic diseases such as Herpes Zoster or cellulitis, musculoskeletal causes such as bone fractures and neuropathies, and referred pain from other organs that lay adjacent to the peritoneum such as pleuritis, pneumonia, acute coronary syndrome, and pericarditis. Historical information important in the diagnosis of this problem After considering the location of the pain and the systems involved, it is critical to get a detailed history from the patient that involves the following: These descriptors will dictate which organs are most likely to be involved. Key questions would highlight the following: Constant pain versus colicky pain - Colicky pain indicates a luminal obstruction.

The most common luminal tracts in this region include the large bowel, small bowel, and ureters. Conversely, constant pain might suggest disease of a solid organ i. Recent trauma - Perforation of bowel, splenic laceration, pancreatitis, developing obstruction, hematoma. Lab results A review of Mrs.

R's lab tests revealed an elevated West Nile immunoglobulin Ig G, consistent with her past history quaerant infection. Her C-reactive protein was also high at Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgG and Qkadrant were weakly positive at andrespectively normal and All other lab results were normal, including an erythrocyte sedimentation rate and anti-DNA, antinuclear, anti-Smith, antistreptolysin O, and anti-extractable nuclear antigen anti-ribonucleoprotein antibodies. ECG, chest x-ray, gallbladder ultrasound, hepatobiliary scintigraphy, gallbladder ejection fraction, and head as well as upper and lower abdominal CTs were all unremarkable.

She was also given hydrocodone and acetaminophen for pain. An infectious disease consult was ordered because of the prolonged fevers of unknown origin. Specialist consult Ten days after her follow-up visit, Mrs.

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