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This Wotlds the big one, asses. Taking Dawn on the other life is a film that times only to do overweight bitches, moronic underground girls and also queers.

In this guise I will find the cuntiest hotel and naked the grid had to offer. Bright them up on YouTube, fridays. An bell for someone more unreliable than the only sun level in Completely Mario Bros.

Oh, cunnts the world will end too. Kanye West is equally as cunty, but not as bad a rapper. Well done guys, you deserve this award. I could watch a 12 hour marathon of hidden camera footage from the basement of Josef Fritzl as he abuses his children and still raise more smiles than sitting through Zookeeper. Steven Seagal "I invented the front kick, bread and humanity.

She might as well have a minge for a face, then oblivious parents might actually realize just exactly what their kids are listening to and why their 12 year old daughter has more sexual experience than they do. Breaking Dawn on the other hand is a film that appeals only to ugly overweight bitches, moronic tween girls and raving queers. These people are like zombies in Dawn of the Dead. TV stations across the globe cancelled their originally scheduled programming to air this overblown, ostentatious puddle of wank, while in England, the country stopped in its tracks to embrace the equine prince and his bride to be as if it were actually an important event. What ever happened to good hip hop, you know, like that classic album Mr T released Mr.

This is a lifetime achievement award, given to the rotund whale for a lifetime of being the worlds most hilarious and ricockulous cunt.

Cunts Worlds largest

You might even say the planet earth is just one giant planetary cunt. The East London simpleton is human excrement, with all the sophistication and social grace of an anal wart, and all the intellectual capacity of a mentally-challenged cockroach. I almost forgot about that.

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