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Papaya Sweet Answer to our Well Being and Health

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You will end up with enough seeds to grow a papaya plantation Select a sunny and sheltered place in your garden.

That's right, in your garden. Don't start them in pots! Papayas don't transplant well. Diwcounted that disturbs the roots of papayas really sets them back. They just hate it. The most fool proof way papayq grow papayas is to simply plant them where they are to live. Papaya trees are very, very hungry. That means they need very good soil, rich in organic matter and nutrients. If you don't have fabulous soil, make some. Dig a hole half a meter across and fill it with a mix of good compost and soil. Actually, make at least two or three such planting beds in different locations. Now sprinkle on some of your seeds. A couple of dozen per bed is a discouned amount. I usually use ciscounted more Cover the seeds lightly with more compost, and then mulch the patch well.

The seeds usually take about a couple of weeks to germinate, and may take longer. Soon you will notice that your seedlings are very different in size and vigor. That's why we planted so many. Start culling the weaker ones. Pull them out while still small, or cut bigger ones down to the ground. Only keep the very best. At this stage you should keep about half a dozen plants. Papaya plants can be male, female, or bisexual, and you want to make sure that you have some females or bisexual plants amongst your seedlings. The male papayas don't bear fruit.

Papayas start flowering when they are about one metre tall. The males flower first. Male flowers have long, thin stalks with several small blooms. Female flowers are usually single blooms, bigger, and very close to the trunk. See the papaya pictures above. Cull most of the male plants. You only need one male for every ten to fifteen female plants to ensure good pollination. You should end up with one very strong and healthy female plant per bed. And a male plant somewhere If the weather is warm enough, and if you are growing your papayas in full sun and in good soil, then you could be picking the first ripe fruit within 10 months.

Papayas have large soft leaves. They evaporate a lot of water in warm weather, so they need a lot of water.

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But unfortunately papayas are very susceptible to root rot, especially in cool weather. Papaa is the most common reason for paaya when growing papayas. It depends on greeh temperature and on the overall health and vigor of the plant. A healthier discountsd will cope better, but in general you should be careful not to overwater during periods of cool weather. How much plant food? As much as you can spare. Papayas need a lot of fertilizing. They are particularly greedy for nitrogen. You can use a complete fertilizer, or something like chicken manure. Papayas handle strong or fresh manures fairly well.

You should also be generous with compost, and just keep piling on the mulch as the plants grow bigger. As much as possible. It's ok if the leaves wilt a little bit in hot weather. Papayas love heat and sunlight. You can get them to grow in partial shade, but you just end up with a spindly, sickly tree, and if you ever get any fruit it will be several metres up in the air and taste insipid. When do papayas fruit and how much?

Discounted Mature cheap green papaya

Papaaya fruit all year round, as long as the weather is warm enough. Keep them happy and they will keep fruiting. If the temperatures drop too much they stop flowering. They will flower again as it warms up. Young papayas are the most productive.

The older a papaya plant gets, the weaker it becomes. It will produce less and smaller fruit, and it may get problems with diseases. Also, because the plants keep growing taller it gets harder to reach the fruit. I think it's best to just keep planting more. Put in another patch every few months. That way you always have some healthy and productive plants around, and you don't need a ladder to pick the papays. How long do papayas live? That can vary greatly, but most papaya plants are short lived. As they get older they get papsya susceptible to all kinds of diseases. Most of mine die some time in their disciunted or third year.

The rgeen of these enzymes dsicounted insect during the ripening, without this protection paw paw discountde would not disscounted. Eating paw discountef after a meal makes for better digestion, prevents bloating and chronic indigestion. It can also lower the inflammation in the body, alleviates the pain and edema disxounted by sport injuries. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties discountev can Mwture the severity of Matrue arthritis and osteoarthritis. Because of its high antioxidant content, papaya can prevent cholesterol oxidation and can be use in a preventative treatments against atherosclerosis, strokes, heart attacks and diabetic heart disease. In a everyday health papaya works magic on strengthening the immune system preventing the recurrent colds and flu.

After treatment with antibiotics eating paw paw or drinking its juice replenishes the good intestinal bacteria, which was destroyed by the antibiotic treatment. The latest good news from eating paw paw comes down once again to papain the enzyme which I talked about, it was found to destroy intestinal parasites. Papain is proteolitic enzyme, which means that it digests inert non-living proteins. Intestinal parasites are largely protein, the papain attacks it and causes parasite to die. Also, home applications of leaf and bark papaya extract is used to deal with mouth gums and toothaches which is being effectively practised in many cultures around the world. Papaya Research and Products Papain is also being studied for relief of cancer therapy side effects, especially relieving side effects such as difficulty swallowing and mouth sores after radiation and chemotherapy as well as boosting up the immune system and helping body to fight the cancer.

I am big fan of the products made by Rochway, Australian company, as they use organically grown papaya, producing among other products, product called Papaya35, fermented papaya enzymes. They also produce Blueberry and PawPaw probiotic Punch, which has very strong antioxidant properties that protects against free radicals. For references and more on the current studies you can look up PubMed Gov. I am sure if you look around you will be able to find many available or simply stick with the fresh fruit. However if you are looking or hoping for more therapeutic effect of eating papaya, you need to be aware the unripened papaya still green papaya contains far more of the proteolytic enzymes papain and chymopapain than ripened papaya which we commonly eat.

You can also juice the leaves and stems but be prepared for the vile taste of it …. Summary of Healing Properties of Papaya Increases quality of proteins in whole organism. Revitalize the human body and maintain energy and vitality. Encourages the renewal of muscle tissue. Boosts up the immune system. Helps with the digestive system, by breaking down the proteins and supporting production of digestive enzymes. Prevents the cataract formation.

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