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OK, you say you've seen her naked pretty much every day for the last several years, staring up at you from one magazine cover or another. You've even seen her naked when she's nine months pregnant. You suggest that maybe people are getting Deimmoore little tired of her act. In njde, one guy I talked to said the buzz he heard on the movie was that after a while all the nudity got boring. After checking his pulse, I offered up this hypothetical: You're in a room with Demi Moore. How soon do you ask her to throw some clothes on and maybe take in a ballgame? I had to see for myself. I'd read the book, a satire on politics and stripping and how they come together in Florida. It was a book I felt sure couldn't possibly be reproduced faithfully on the screen - if you don't count the silicone-enhancements, which were reproduced in stunning detail.

The critics were right. I was forced to check my own pulse, not to mention a calendar yeah, the movie is that slow. The problem is that the movie is supposed to be a comedy. Burt Reynolds, as a sex-crazed, homicidal, family-values Congressman, is very funny. But Demi Moore is not funny, not even a little bit. Of course she isn't. What were they thinking? What could possibly be funny about Demi Moore naked? When was the last time you laughed in front of a beautiful naked woman? Oh, there's plenty of stripping all right. But the most important stripping they did in the movie was stripping it of the book's humor. There's no romance either. All we're left with is bump and grind and very little sweat.

The director, Andrew Bergman, has great credentials. He created "The Freshman," a work of inspired lunacy, in which Bert Parks sings "Maggie's Farm" to a supper club full of diners munching on entrees made from endangered species. How could he make a movie this leaden? I'm guessing he was, um, distracted. Hi-res DVD capture from Disclosure.

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