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Adult Swim is becoming an important label on PC

Desync is a dried bright shooter that "profiles to really test the beaches of your FPS romanians. And Adult Thigh is one of my blackberry sites of individual right now.

Using procedural techniques, its adorable 'slugcat' slinks through the remains of an old civilization, dancing on wires and slipping through tiny passages in the pixel art screens.

Game Adult help swim

Unlike your typical Metroidvania, the slugcat doesn't grow stronger along the way—it's up to the player to learn the behaviors of ssim predators Aduult the world, and elude them on a quest to gather food before the deadly rain falls again. Apparently decisions made in the adventure portions will be stored and affect the story as you go. The excited developer told me that the team's goal is to make a game as good as we remember classic point-and-clicks and SHMUPs to be, using the years of learning since the classics to their advantage rather than emulating them entirely. A scene from one of Starr Mazer's adventure segments. I didn't see everything at Adult Swim's booth, but time permitting I'd have liked to see it all.

Desync is an FPS hey, not a sidescroller! Wasted is described as "a roguelike post-apocalyptic pub crawler," which is a nice-sounding string of game descriptors. Ghost Song is a Very Metroid-looking game set in the underworld of a "lonely world of secrets and discoveries. They may not all turn out to be Duck Games or Jazzpunks, but they're all things I'd like to check out because—at the risk of sounding like a brand cheerleader—Adult Swim has built a healthy reputation for finding and supporting good independent games. I'm sure plenty of developers are happier going their own way, which is great, but from a consumer perspective I appreciate dependable labels.

In a sea of cold pitches, I can infer a lot from the Adult Swim logo based on its past releases and the network's personality and sense of humor. And where big publishers like EA publish everything under the sun—from Brain Training games to Battlefront—publishers like Adult Swim, Devolver Digital, and Versus Evil feel more like small record labels. They're categories of their own, tools I rely on more and more when trying to digest Steam's increasingly monstrous catalog. Desync is a super bright shooter that "seeks to truly test the limits of your FPS abilities. Responsibilities include extensive testing of various games, finding compatibility errors or bugs, noting glitches or issues that need to be fixed by external development staff.

Intern must be able to work in a team-based environment with a focus on fast turnarounds. This opportunity will allow the intern to see the full quality assurance process of going live with PC, mobile, and console games. What do we require from you?

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The ideal candidate must be currently enrolled in a four-year college or university. A general MS Office proficiency is needed along with organizational helpp. Intern will need to be able to communicate clearly in both written and oral form. There must be an interest in video games and Adult Swim content. What's so great about this internship? An opportunity to work with a great team that is passionate about the same thing you are!

Networking opportunities to meet people that you'd Aeult to know! A speaker series that introduces you to cool executives and what hhelp do for the best brands! Summer program dates are June 3rd through August 9th. Interns are paid a competitive-wage based on location and relocation is not provided. Participation in the internship program is reserved for students who are currently enrolled or within 6 months post-graduation. Most positions are targeted to upperclassmen and graduate students.

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