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In March oc year, anal Videis were ruled unconstitutional by a Mombassa court of appeal. Follow CNN Africa on social media Read the latest news from Africa and share your thoughts with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram Kahiu's lawyers argued that banning the film violated her constitutional right to free speech and free expression as an artist. I don't even get why the rating is Hide Caption 3 of 11 Photos: The ban was utter nonsense. The movie which was banned from screening in the country by the Kenya's Film and Classification Board KFCB in April for having a lesbian theme had its ban temporarily lifted by a Kenyan court.

Hide Caption 11 of 11 CNN Kenyans are turning out en masse to cinemas to watch 'Rafiki' a movie about love between two women that was previously banned in the country. Nollywood is doing wonders, and they don't pride in such nonsense!

Dauphin Airflow 3 of 11 Songs: So i do watched rafiki.

It's a shame that someone thinks that gay content is what should define the success of the film industry in Kenya. We will be posting about Nairobi screening soon. A reflection of how shitty this country is. Hide Caption 2 of 11 Photos: We will be posting about Nairobi screening soon," she said.

Why was "Rafiki" banned? Videoe KFCB said in the statement that foreign sponsors who intend to introduce and normalize homosexuality in Kenya through movies should desist from such acts. Hide Caption 7 of 11 Photos: According to the Academy's rulesa film must be shown in the country where it was produced for seven consecutive days to be eligible. So i just watched rafiki Follow rafikimovie — Wanuri wanuri September 21, "The debate on 'Rafiki' is not about freedom. Hide Caption 9 of 11 Photos: Nollywood is doing wonders and they don't pride in such nonsense!

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