Vagina dissection

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The effect of vaginal dissection on the pudendal nerve.

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Vaginal Surgery, 3rd edn, p Its anterior surface is muscular and constitutes the coccygeus; the ligament is Vagija regarded as the degenerate part of the muscle. Vaginal cancers are staged clinically see Table: The posterior border becomes the connective tissue adventitia of the cervix, with which the adventitia of the vagina is continuous.

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J Anat Physiol Neuroanatomy of the perineum The pudendal nerve, arises from S2—S4, is responsible for the motor and sensory innervation of the perineum. This muscle functioned primarily as a tail-wagger in pronograde, four-legged animals. It is bounded anteriorly by the vagina and posteriorly by the rectum. It is subject to individual variation in tone, thickness, and composition. Diagnosis Clinical staging Punch biopsy is usually diagnostic, but wide local excision is occasionally necessary.

Dissection Vagina

Prevesical Space of Retzius the prevesical space of Retzius is in the form of a triangle extending from the umbilicus laterally to the lateral umbilical ligament obliterated hypogastric artery. The structure of the female lower urinary tract and pelvic floor. Influence of the Pubococcygeus Muscle on the Mechanism of Voiding The function of the pubococcygeal muscle in the normal voiding mechanism is described by Muellner.

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