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Locations of interviews smoalis key identifying information have been withheld to reduce likelihood of reprisals. It was a common knowledge that the police and the prisoners were tortured. We don't want to be persecuted like the Coptic Christians of Egypt or the Maronite Christians of Lebanon, who are struggling even though the President of Lebanon is a Christian.

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We were tied suspended from the Ndue. The EDF initially gave military training to the Liyu police, and the EDF retained oversight spmalis their operations in the early years with Liyu police autonomy increasing over time. They all tell us. Aweys [Mohamed Sheikh Ahmed, head of Jail Ogaden] slapped me and I have a hearing problem on the left ear as a result. Press the Ethiopian government to reform the abusive Liyu police. It is only inmates doing this to each other, in the morning the report is given to the guards.

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somaljs Somali Region is of strategic importance to the Ethiopian federal government in part because of its rich resources, in particular oil and natural gas, and because of its strategic somaliw corridors to the sea. The letters are included in the appendices to this report. I was 20 meters away from this, there was nothing I could do. Torture and impunity for torture are well-entrenched problems throughout Ethiopia. Rather than meaningfully investigate the crimes at that time, the Ethiopian government established the Liyu police who have committed a range of serious abuses in Somali Region since

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