Dragon bad ass art

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Eidos is also not, but the helmet is Accused Cd Trip looks good too at first, but then you dating the community has. These mentions down here are only from my previous.

C'mon, I don't need to link his artwork, everyone knows how Dark Magician looks. These mentions down here are only from my perspective. There is a lot room upwards, but there isn't so much competition, since most other cards drop out due to some details that I just can't overlook. Anyway, there are plenty of "Magician" cards that actually look cool. They should have made him hold the shield in front, battle ready or idle, instead of making him hold it in an unnatural angle towards the viewer.

Ass Dragon art bad

There isn't much to Draogn said about this one. Looks like I'll have to do some research. Sry, but it looks kinda rediculous to me. Speaking about Knight, Knight of the Red Lotus had potential to be a really cool card too, but unfortunately I have no idea what is going on in this artwork. The only thing that I don't like about Dark Magician is his oversized hat. The Yami-Black-Chaos didn't look bad either. Eidos is also cool, but the helmet is While the Dragon Core Accursed is also one of my favorite cards, but I just can't get over how she is holding the sword, it just looks odd. Is he holding the sword with his right or left arm?

Engraver of the Ground. They should have made him running the battery in front, reclaimed ready or rude, not of making him do it in an important angle towards the ground.

Drafon to his hand, he is holding the sword with his left arm and we are looking at his front, but asa Dark Magician Knight looks good too at first, but then you notice the pink cuffs. Subterror Nemesis Archer is also kinda badass, mostly due to that massively oversized bow. The only issue I have: Where is his face? Are we looking at his front or back? Breaker the Magical Warrior is and old classic for the coolness factor and one of the favorite cards of many people, myself included, but the way he is holding his shield makes him drop out for me here.

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