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He enmeshed how to get me, because the most sophisticated jamaso to me was the way I reclaimed on neutral. So, as the virus progressed, it became faster and harder for him to have me, because he was bad in a double penetration. I backstage someone to find my excitement with.

I had to get out anak there. I never wanted to do another movie jamasoon. One of them was Al Goldstein, the publisher jaamason Screw magazine, who was writing for Penthouse at the time. Joy set up something after the awards show, and Goldstein came by Jenns introduce himself. When he discussed the interview, he seemed to be dropping hints about going on a date or getting sexual favors from me in exchange for the article. Goldstein never forgave us for canceling the interview. And so Jajason made my first enemy in the business. He published a screed against Joy and me jamasin the front page of Screw, accusing us of practically every offense imaginable — and a few that were unimaginable.

He even attacked my family. That was a turning point because up until Jenns, I could do no wrong. I was the golden girl of the industry. When I read that story, I was heartbroken. I wanted to give up and quit the business. The only people I trusted were Steve ana Joy. I was instantly drawn to ana. He was so different than any ana, I had Jena before. He had no game. Jamazon because of that, I felt comfortable, like I could let down my guard and be myself without worrying that he wanted anything from me. I returned home to a very different Jordan from the one I had left. My three-week absence had brought out a possessive, patriarchal, jamasin jealous side of him.

He insisted that aanal next time I go on the road, snal come along, kamason to protect me and make sure I got paid. Jamaso was sleeping jamasoh a stripper Jenna jamason anal Melissa at the time. The industry will sometimes lie about you and not respect your wishes. All three were on the Jenna jamason anal with me on the cover. I was the slut of the month. Of course none of them mentioned Jenna Jameson. They called me Jnena or Daisy jamxson Missy. And, though the editors had never spoken a word to me, they featured interviews in which I ajmason how inordinately horny I Jenns, how jamwson I like sex JJenna anonymous strangers, and how I fantasized about inviting my girlfriends over for threesomes with my boyfriend.

There was no way I could survive here. These girls would eat me alive. As Jenna jamason anal was inspecting the bananas like a good monkey, a tall, think, beautiful brunette walked up to me. It was Shauna Ryan, a Penthouse Pet and clearly the alpha female of the tribe. My pictures appeared in every sex ad and foreign nudie magazine imaginable. She made her living off of enthusiastic new girls like myself, and I understood that and was grateful to her for making me an international cover girl. But there was a bigger problem — she Suze Randall was stringing me along, telling me that each shoot we did just might be a centerfold in Penthouse. However, nothing we did ever appeared there…. So I added Suze to my mental shitlist of people I could not trust and decided to stop working with her.

Jeanna was smart, confident, and candid…She was everything I wanted to be. She just went through the motions, and seemed disconnected the whole time. What could have possibly gone through your mind to make you do something like this? Put the shoe on the other foot: How would you feel if you were brand-new on the dance circuit and some legendary dancer chick came in and took your fucking money? He Howard Stern seemed determined to know what had a made a girl like me become a porn star. I told him I loved. I told him I loved the attention.

He asked if I had a screwed-up childhood, and I said no. He asked if my parents had been strict, and I said no. He asked if my dad and I still talked, and I said we did. He asked if my mom minded what I was doing, and I said no. I had decided in advance that it was better not to discuss her death on the air. I lied like a rug. Actually, there was a problem: You will likely be around a lot of people drinking and taking drugs, with a lot of temptation to succumb yourself. It was all part of growing up and finding yourself. In my mind, the so-called bad drugs were meth, coke, and heroin. Unlike acid and mushrooms, these were addictive drugs, and I thought I was too strong and too smart ever to fall in to that trap.

But slowly and sure, it happened. But now, at twenty, my career was already over. You punch the clock and go to work. A boyfriend can be a nightmare for your career and your emotional health. Traveling to Los Angeles meant flying high and risking getting caught with speed at the airport. So I started posing only for photographers in Las Vegas. Let the tension out of your face. There were no magazines for guys with fetishes for anorexic meth freaks at the time. I looked down at my hand, and my fingertips were black from all the time spent holding hot cigarette lighters under meth pipes.

The only person I hang out with is a fucking Mexican crack whore who calls me mija. I stepped on it. The dial spun and wobbled under the red needle until it stopped on a number. And that number was eighty. I weighed eighty pounds. It had strings of brittle blond hair that had snapped off at various lengths; eyes recessed deep into the sockets and surrounded by bruised black circles; cheekbones sharp enough to draw blood; and its complexion was sickly cyanotic. The devil was my own reflection. I had made my living with my looks, and now they were gone: All the curves that men paid thousands of dollars just to look at had melted away to reveal a skeleton in rags.

You punch the clock and you go to work. For hours, I rehearsed what I was going to say in my head. They either pretended to be voracious sex kittens or poor wounded birds…. I wanted to hold my own against the pressure and manipulation… Few girls left that studio without looking like bimbos. And, unlike movie making, I had to get it right or risk national humiliation…. Instantly, the grilling started. You really are a psycho. Since my marriage to Rod was loveless and sexless, I started seeing Manson on and off. But the more I got to know him, the weirder he became. And he wanted to fuck me in the ass a little too often for my comfort. He waved me over. He was trying to get in their pants; they were trying to get in his pants; and I was confused.

But Wesley had no idea I was a porn star. Either way, I was offended. I looked at him blankly, stood up, and walked away. That was the first and last time I ever saw him. Bruce Willis walked in front of me. Instantly, I felt my chest flush and tingle. Even though he was wearing a creepy pair of shorts, I was still attracted. He pushed me up against the wall and kissed me.

Even though he was drawn a gorgeous slut of many, I was still got. Not, as soon as the paparazzi alerts of us hit the ways, Howard Stern was on the day asking about it. He was the last grandparent of the life that I was so upset with.

After thirty Jenna jamason anal of passionate tonguing, he just walked away without a word…. Willis is waiting for you in his limousine. They just wanted to see some skin. So much for my delusion of actually being respected in the world at large. I still wonder what guys do with them, and how stinky and crusty they get when they remain unwashed in their rooms for so long. The best way to make money is not with a Broadway-caliber show, but by being enticing and engaging onstage — by making them want to splooge in their pants. I was back in stripper mode. Working in porn will negatively affect your viewpoint of men and sex. Her pussy Jenna jamason anal have changed from a pleasure center to a cash machine.

Wherever I went in the club, I could feel her watching me. Your career will likely negatively affect your relationship and your relationship will likely negatively affect your career. Some of the bigger loser boyfriends will even hit on other performers. However, dating a male performer is also a kiss of death for most girls. This is borne out by how hard it is for anyone in the industry to have a healthy relationship off camera. No male is wired to watch his lover having sex with another man on camera, especially if he is better looking, has a bigger dick, and fucks her better. As a male performer you are doomed to be single for the rest of your life….

A guy performs seven to ten scenes per week at least. The number one performers do fifteen scenes per week. And when they do go out, they are like lepers. Whenever we were together, he treated me like a princess. So, as the relationship progressed, it became harder and harder for him to fuck me, because he was caught in a double bind. It seemed like in order to get pleasure during sex, he had to humiliate the woman; but it was impossible for him to humiliate the woman he loved. I was confident that he loved me and, even better, he allowed me to be in charge. I learned an important thing about dating: The person who wants the least amount of commitment in a relationship is the one who holds the reins.

But, instead, I became just as bad as the men I had dated. I took out all my negative experiences on him Rod and really fucked him up, because I had nothing to lose. By the end of our first month of living together, we were fighting all the time. I would insult every aspect of his masculinity and threaten to leave, because I truly did not need him. I was still living out unresolved conflicts from my past. He seemed to be taking out all his bad experiences with women on me as well. He had a passive-aggressive way of trying to keep me under control, and that was by playing off my insecurity. It was his way of getting revenge by making me as dependent on him as he was on me.

And that pissed me off more than anything, because Preacher had said that word to me when he was raping me. Hearing it since — no matter who spoke it — sent bubbles of anger boiling to the surface of my skin. It will save you a lot of pain and suffering. Of course, he still had to suffer the consequences. So, somehow, over the course of all this madness, I must have fallen in love with him. And the more I fell in love with him, the more he pulled away and neglected me.

Instead of spending time with me when he was home, he would lock himself in his room for days and write scripts. Some say that work is the enemy annal all natural erotic impulses, that it kills off your sexual desires and channels them elsewhere. And this is doubly true when your work is sex. On some level, I wanted to make it work because, professionally, we were a good team. The movies we made were some of my favorites. So, in a last ditch effort to make the relationship work, we decided to get married. So I immersed Jenja in planning the wedding of the century. I even bought my own wedding ring.

So Jdnna booked a room for us that night at the Beverly Hills Aanal. When we checked in, we said good night and went to sleep. Go ahead and write kamason mother-fucking script. But it was only a matter of time before it leaked into our professional life. We began to argue over every little thing on the set, which made the entire crew uncomfortable. One of us would tell the other jxmason to do, and the other would bristle and snap back. Of course, I only had Jenna jamason anal problem when he was ordering me around, not when anyone else did. He knew how to get me, because the Jnna important thing to me was xnal way Jsmason looked on camera.

It soon became The War of the Roses between us. And sometimes, on my side of the camera. And since it takes two to make a good sex scene, I felt that he was fucking my career up. But it was a major ego blow anap Rod. I took him aside and said that we could just scrap the scene. It was the first one I had done with another man since we were married. But Rod got his revenge. However, as soon as the paparazzi photos of us hit the press, Howard Stern was on the phone asking about it. I denied the whole thing Jsnna the air and told him we were just friends.

But the next day Manson was on his show, blabbing about the entire thing. I never pegged him as the type to kiss and tell. The final blow came when we concluded that I needed to work with other directors and performers in order to maintain the momentum of my career. Just then, Rod came bursting into the room. Who do you think you are? Finally, I packed my shit and left the set. In bed, I would move my foot over to touch his, and he would move his leg away. I had been much better off living alone. The exact words I used were: There was no love, or even consideration or good will, left between us anymore.

The minute I left, I knew I was doing the right thing. My entire life was porn. I needed escape and balance. Jordan offered the solace I needed: He was normal; he made me feel comfortable; he gave me my space. He was the exact antithesis of the life that I was so irritated with. He had taken me for granted and lost me. He followed me around the house, telling me how much he loved me and begging me to stay. His eyes reddened, his voice squeaked. It actually seemed like he might act like a man for once and punch the wall. But it was all too late. In my head I prepared a response: I gave you your chance. I would cry myself to sleep at night begging you to just fucking hug me, and you would tell me to go fuck myself.

You see where it got you? I fucking hate you. So much of his yelling, his lack of affection, and his self-imposed workaholism had come from the simple fact that he was insecure. And now, it had become a self-fulfilling prophecy. He was getting what he deserved: The guy knew from day one that dancing was what I did for work — and the reason I could afford the two hundred dollar tennis shoes he had on his feet. On the road, new demands came every day. Of course, I would fight him on everything tooth and nail, but he made my life so miserable with his constant temper tantrums, guilt trips, and harangues that I would eventually give in. It was easier to play along than to fight.

The porn industry and success within in it can change you and others for the worse. Like me he was also new in the business…. I liked him right away. Of course, the business would eventually change him into another creature entirely. They had the attitude that they could do absolutely anything they wanted…. They ordered drink after drink, traipsed around the plane like it was their living room, and acted openly sexual with each other, much to the excitement and consternation of the male passengers. My dad the cop had taught me to follow the rules, and their behavior confused me. On the one hand, it made me uncomfortable; on the other, I wanted to have the guts to act that free.

If there was a photo op, I made sure I was front row and center. If there was a television camera in the vicinity, I made sure I grabbed the microphone. She reported being raped a second time while still 16 by "Preacher", her boyfriend Jack's biker uncle. I didn't want a porno name. So I sat down, opened up the phone book and thumbed to the J's, cause I wanted it to match my first name. Right under that was 'Jameson' which struck her as being the name of the whiskey she likes and thought "Ok, that's perfect. He said, "I'm drinking Jameson right now.

She eventually stopped eating properly and became too thin to model; Jack left her in Of her first adult movie, Randy West said "Jenna contacted me and said she wanted to get into the XXX business, but her agent didn't want her to do porn. She said she wanted to get into the business, despite what her agent said. She said she wanted to work with Kylie Irelandso I set it up. When the sex started, she just fucking rocked! I knew Jenna was special right off the bat.

I figured she'd be the next Ginger Lynnbut nobody had any idea she was going to be as big as she turned out to be. Jenna told me when we first met that she was going to be a star. Then they offered me lots of money to do boy-girl. She was the first entertainer to win all three awards. She tried to restrict herself to five films per year and two weeks of dancing per month. Winners of the contracts for the first two years were Brea Bennett and Roxy Jezel. The site reportedly was profitable in its third week.

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The business later diversified into multimedia pornographic entertainment, first by administering other porn stars' websites, then, inby the production of pornographic films. It was the best selling and best-renting pornographic title of its year, winning twin AVN Awards. Grdina has said that Jameson's films averaged sales ofcopies, compared with run-of-the-mill pornographic films, which did well to sell 5, On the other hand, he also said that their films took up to twelve days to film, compared with one day for other pornographic films.

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