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Seeing this, the genie is so humiliated to have lost his bride to such a poorly-endowed man that he departs in shame. At the beginning of the novel, his sister tells Jerin to make himself trousers with a codpiece to let potential wives know "what they're buying". Shows up again in another Kalash 93 story called " Relax. Played for Laughs with Ublala Pung. Also, his primary talent is in using his mouth and hands, which Ren describes as "magiclike". Mulder agreed this was likely, but felt another suggestion by the authors - that males might use an everted penis as a "display" to attract females - was not.

Lady Snowblood averts this.

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He holds out a short, roughly 6" ruler and asks Kinsey's wife to point to the ruler, indicating how big the Three guesses as to what those "qualities" are. In the Anita Blake series, the titular character has a small harem of increasingly well-endowed lovers, culminating finally in Micah, whose penis is so large it actually becomes a plot point. So it's more a Double Subversion.

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