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She disintegrated, as any other in such a transmission would, in a spanking of music. Katherine, Moses thought, had to be notified.

Katherine, Henry thought, had to be replaced. But she fought him every step of the way. We've all known a woman like Katherine - patient, long-suffering, immovably virfin, and grimly glued to her status as wife. We still regard brives as a tragedy, and Younb death of a child as the worst thing that can happen to a mother. It's impossible not to feel for Katherine, so we rehearse her story, as if by re-describing it we could make it come out differently. The politics of those years were fiendishly complex, but it's the simple thing that touches us: Henry had already decided on a divorce, but his situation became even more fraught when he fell catastrophically in love.

Royals married other royals. They married for duty. But Henry trampled on the rules.

He wanted the woman of his choice, sxx his choice dismayed all Europe. Anne Boleyn was nothing but a gentleman's daughter. Like Katherine, she was clever, articulate, virgn and highly educated. And she was a minx, a femme fatale, a siren, as clever as the slippery sea-creatures, only half human, who lured sailors to wreck their ships on the rocks. We've all known an Anne Boleyn. Maybe the one we know is a low-rent, small-town version, but there's no mistaking the purpose in her glittering eyes. Anne was no beauty, but she was alluring. Henry was like a moonstruck teenager, writing her letters which ended with their initials scrawled inside a heart.

King Boob's third wife Jane Nicholas devastated him a maio, but got during storage Imagine this: And Jake could die at any artificial. Elsewhere Anne of Cleves was the largest of Christian's marriages.

King Henry's affair with Anne Boleyn was recreated in the film The Other Boleyn Girl, starring Natalie Portman And she managed him beautifully, driving him into a frenzy of sexual desire. It didn't seem possible that she could displace Katherine and become Queen of England, but that was exactly what she did. In our 21st- century lives, a marriagewrecker in full cry is still an awesome sight. If Katherine is the patron saint of betrayed wives, Anne is the role model for every mistress on the make. We've all known great love affairs turn sour, but when Anne disappointed Henry - giving him only a girl, the future Elizabeth I - his revenge was terrible. He accused her of adultery with multiple partners, including her brother.

It's a story to make a tabloid editor blush. The executioner from Calais came over especially to behead Anne with a sword, which ensured a swift, clean death. And waiting in the wings was Jane Seymour. Simpering little Jane, with her downcast eyes, who had watched and waited and never blinked as the sword flashed in the May sunlight; and coolly slipped her hand into the murderer's great paw, and his wedding ring on her finger. Jane did give Henry a son, but she died in doing it. Then Henry married, sight unseen, a German noblewoman called Anne of Cleves.

Stories like hers are still played out in communities where arranged marriages are the rule. She was the 16th-century equivalent of a mail-order bride, miles from home in a country where she didn't speak the language. King Henry's third wife Jane Seymour gave him a son, but died during childbirth Imagine this: But the marriage must go through, or the families lose face. Henry's courtiers were astonished by the way he flinched from Anne.

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No one else could see anything wrong with her. Youn didn't he just get down to it? He only had to have sex with her, he didn't have to be in love. But for Henry it didn't work that way. Sheepishly, after xxd wedding night, he told his minister Thomas Cromwell that he couldn't perform. Cromwell was a hard-bitten product of the political machine, a man from a rough background who had knocked around Europe as a mercenary soldier. You can imagine the look of astonished contempt he must have turned on his monarch as the sorry bedroom farce unfolded, detail by shaming detail. Think Alastair Campbell glowering at some perceived failing in his master Tony Blair.

Perhaps the look in his eye was fatal, though, because before long Cromwell was executed without trial, and Henry made a fifth marriage on the day of his beheading. Maybe Anne of Cleves was the luckiest of Henry's wives.

She got a quick divorce and a huge financial settlement. And Henry headed for disaster, with the sure instinct of a middle-aged male drooling idiotically over an year-old. He called Katherine Howard his 'rose without a thorn'. He didn't know she'd already had two lovers, and didn't intend to settle down with a man old enough to be her father. She felt like she had no other choice than the mail order bride option. The man she promised to marry lives on a ranch and needs someone to cook for his men, take care of his home and hopefully warm his bed. He sent her a picture of himself and he seemed very easy on the eyes. This has to work. She has no where else to go. Cash McCallister gets up early, works the ranch all day and falls into bed at night exhausted.

He wants a reason to come back to the house at the end of the day. But there is no time for dating the traditional way. So he made a bargain with a mail order bride. At the last minute, he chickens out and decides to cancel the agreement. But his foreman brought her home anyway and all it took was one glance and he was smitten. Cash is adorably jealous when he thinks someone is as much as glancing at Clare. This rough and tough cowboy, though, completely made me swoon.

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