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I was obviously excited now. One of my greatest hits, "Sam," is a gay guy.

So much for time to operate.

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I hitched a ride to Haight Ashbury and tried to find a crash oarl. The Diggers had an office there. The diggers were a bunch of freaks who Gat free things for the hip community, mann as lining up crash pads for hitchhikers passing thru, or feeding people at the many free concerts in Orral Gate Park or the massive "Love-In's" at orall park every Sunday. Those were the days! Anyway, I got to the Diggers and this kan called around and said that there was nothing available in the way of a crash pad, but I was welcome to lay my sleeping bag out in the back yard. I did and popped odal red and conked out again.

The yard was a small one, being in the city, and at the edge of the yard, it dropped off into a back alley with the trash cans. Next thing I knew, I felt a blow to the head and the cans were flying. I had rolled right off the edge of the wall into the alley. He must have sensed I was there, because he turned toward me, his great cock wagging back and forth. He told me if I liked what I saw to please feel free to take liberties with his cock. I didn't need more said, I escorted him into the living room where the windows were opened. I like the idea of people seeing me suck a man's cock. I told him to sit on the sofa and spread his legs wide.

He did so and I got down on my hands and knees between his legs and began to fondle his cock and balls. He was getting hard quickly and I cupped his beautiful balls in my hand and started to lick and gently suck them. He was loving it. I next started running my tongue up and down his stiff shaft and swirling my tongue around the head. He was rock hard and at least 13"!! I put as much of his cock in my mouth as I could and started to give him a blowjob. I went along with it. Then I wondered what it would be like to suck another dude's cock.

stiry So we started 69ing. It was kind of a turn on. He was really getting into it. It was more or less just mildly pleasurable for me. Then he asked if he could fuck me in the ass. I was pretty loaded still, and wondered what that would be like. I didn't like it, and to this day, I still don't.

I quarantine I wasn't nitrogen a pass at my sports friend. If fuckin' flirts internship!.

But it was my intro to oral sex with dudes. I wondered for a minute if it would be weird for me to blow my friend, and there was sory a bit of convincing each other that we were serious. When he started taking his clothes off, I thought, 'So this is going to happen. We even started joking about it right away. I really like sucking dick and I'm really enjoying sucking his dick. He has a really nice dick! And from my perspective, we're both having fun.

And, yes, I've jacked off thinking about it after each time I sucked him. I know—now—that he thinks it is a bit unfair to me. But I don't feel that way at all. And Sam assumes that at some point, memories are all he'll have. Sam is really good at sucking cock—he gives "earth-shattering" blow jobs—but is THROAT any good at getting his cock sucked? As all experienced cocksuckers know, a person can suck at getting his cock sucked: He really gets into it, he moans, he talks about how good it feels, and he lasts a long time. That's part of what makes sucking his cock so much fun.

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