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He deceased "Garden Reserve" during this included. Lawrence felt, poorly, that he'd always had someone in his unique landscape on to resulting him for almost no reason, and so Flynn's rushed was seen on this coming.

Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke and Faison appeared on AOL's " Outside the Roobert " series and were asked by a fan about the weirdest or most memorable moment they'd had on or off the set. Faison told a story about the three of them going to the Bahamas for his birthday, where they went swimming in the ocean. While they waded in the waves, they could look into the distance and see a lightning storm adding beautiful touches of light to the horizon. Originally, Faison was just going to stop there, but then Braff said Robegt should mention they were skinny dipping, as well. Chalke said she mascyio her swimsuit on, but Braff claimed that he and Faison were swimming naked together, "just like J.

Hence the inspiration for Lawrence's group of normal, young, fun-loving friends trying to survive the rigors of becoming a doctor. Lawrence's last memory of J. He told Fresh Air that his worst nightmare in the world as a young year-old would have been to end up in the emergency room with J. At a talk at his alma mater inLawrence said that the relationship between J. You can see Faison and Braff meet the doctors they're based on in this video. Braff said that his ideal end for the show was Ted going "postal" and killing everyone. Braff responded, "I would like Ted the lawyer to go postal and come to work and kill everybody.

He ended up changing his answer to Elliot and J. The actor who played "The Todd" described the character's sexuality as "try-sexual," as in he'd try anything. I think he's not homosexual. I think "The Todd" would go for the hot girl at the party first, and then as the night goes on, if I may say, he may go for the fat girl, and then when he strikes out there, he's gonna go with the dude who's been eyeing him all night. Just take him home and say, "Just finish that off.

As long as I don't touch your ears, it's not gay. He's addicted to pleasures of the flesh. The cast and crew had an ongoing game of dares called "Scrubs Factor. At the time, Braff said the grossest one had been, "when the guy ate pigs' feet.

It's still fun, tandem because the writers keep active hard to apple it fresh and advanced and other. Hard to say, there are about a dual details and I'm sudden they all have, from customer to time, curved up with other Todd excess innuendos.

Chalke was once dared by Lawrence to go order coffee at a Starbucks in a burlesque outfit where she apparently had to wait 20 minutes in line. It's unclear whether anybody followed through. The medical cases in the show were based on actual stories from physicians, whose names would then be written into the show. Getty During NPR's Fresh Air interview with Braff and Lawrence, the show creator said that every single medical story on the show was handed to them by real physicians. Make me wear the banana hammock?

Dude, I prefer to wear it. What can I say: What makes a good Banana Hammock? Is it the cut?

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The Banana Hammock was my idea. In the season 2 opener, I had to be in a towel and do a rat tail at JD. Now I wanted to be naked under it, but of course you can't do that on tv, so I said well how about some funny undies, a bikini, a thong, something. The wardrobe department went to a very gay section of West Hollywood and bought a dozen different choices for me. I picked the flame banana hammock to match my flame scrubs cap. And the rest is history. Where did the DOC tattoo come from? The Todd was so excited to become a doctor that he actually went out and got a tattoo to show it.

When they ask me if that's what it's for it makes me want to take back the high five I just gave them. I can't comment on that. Of all your female cast mates, which one would you legitimately hit on?

Someone once asked me what the Todd's favorite sexual position was? And I told them, ANY!!! Please I could be at a bus stop, in the rain, with a pulled hamstring, I will make it work. That question reminds me of this one. Who would I hit on? Elliot, Carla, Jordan, hell, even Nurse Roberts! Do you ever find yourself stuck in Todd mode after shooting? Now since a lot of the crew has been with the show since the beginning, they let me get away with it, they even expect it from me, but when I go back into the real world, I have to remind myself to edit, to censor, to dial it down a notch Why do guys like The Todd get laid?

Because The Todd is hung like a horse. Now I have to point out to you that in all 6 seasons of the show. There is this on going question as to whether or not the Todd is gay? I like to say that the todd isn't homosexual. He'll try anything and everyone he can get his hands on. It's been fun playing that ambiguity. Working on Scrubs seems to be a lot of fun, is it really or does everyone hate each other? It's still fun, primarily because the writers keep working hard to make it fresh and funny and smart.

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