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Stripper wire Industrial automatic

The accuracy of the cutting blade opening determines the smallest conductor that can be reliably stripped. Another type of manual wire stripper is very similar to the simple design previously mentioned, except this type has several notches of varying size. If the cutter opening is too large the tension required to tear the remaining annulus of uncut insulation may be greater than the wire can withstand. Once the device is clamped on, the remainder of the wire can simply be pulled out, leaving the insulation behind. A compound automatic wire stripper's short cutter limits it to fewer notches and a smaller range of wire sizes than most other types of wire strippers.

Laser Wire Stripper[ edit ] A laser wire stripper is a computer-controlled machine, much like a CNC router, which uses a laser to burn off the insulation of the wire.

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Some models have an adjustable grip tension, to adjust the clamping force of the gripping jaw. Manual[ edit ] A US-style simple manual wire stripper is a pair of opposing blades much like scissors or wire cutters. European style wire stripper. This type of wire stripper is used by rotating it around the insulation while applying pressure in order to make a cut around the insulation.

Wood of Brooklyn, NY. Although in principle applicable to wire of any size, compound automatic wire strippers that are strripper available have cutters that can accommodate conductors in a range of sizes no larger than 8 AWG nor smaller than 26 AWG, but not the entire range. The addition of a center notch makes it easier to cut the insulation without cutting the wire. A typical CO2 laser wire stripping machine should be capable of stripping the insulation from any size wire.

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