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The higher the Spam Score, the more suspicious you should be of the backlink.

Court SEO is when people use spam purposely and sizes in an attempt to dating you from the top of irritate boom rankings. Backlinks are also one liner vouching for another person.

Try filtering by a Spam Score of three or higher. Sort by External Links This metric tells you how many other links on the backlinked page are also linking to you. The higher the Trust Flow metricthe higher quality the backlink is likely to be. You can export your backlinks through Monitor Backlinks to manually look over the anchor text of all of your backlinks. A good backlink profile will have a pretty even mix of exact match, partial match, phrase and branded anchor texts. You can disavow your bad backlinks directly through Monitor Backlinks.

It Sapm like they would be lonks enough to detect it, yet I wouldn't be surprised if the site is penalized anyway due to being compromised by spam. I downloaded a fresh copy of the Database as a. Then I saved a new copy of it and created a new database on the server hence the change in DB name. Crossing My Fingers It's been a week now, and no more problems. Of course, posting all this information surely doesn't make me any more secure but oh well.

I of course have serious backups going on so the worst thing that can happen is I get hacked again and have to restore from backups and keep plugging holes. Consequences Although the spam wasn't on my site for more than a few hours, someone has pointed out to me Spam links porn my Google PageRank for the homepage has dropped from a reasonable and healthy PR 6 to ZERO. While PageRank is a very weird thing and it could be any number of things including a random inaccurate report from Google, it seems more likely this is a penalization from them for the spam. Many of my subpages, which get crawled far less frequently, still have their PageRank.

It's not just the PageRank, many searches that would have brought up the homepage e. This of course will be seriously affecting my traffic until my PageRank is restored, if it ever is. CSS-Tricks, is non-trivial portion of my income, and if there is a serious dip in traffic it could certainly affect me financially. I'm not whining, it just goes to show that site security is not some abstract nerdy hobby, it's serious business that can have serious consequences. To the relief of those whose partners have wondered, asked, or accused along those same lines, the answer is an unequivocal no.

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