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Zodiac Sex

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If you were born in the middle of January, the sun is at the end of Capricorn. Then you have a tendency to be impatient and take on tasks that may be too much even for you. Occasionally — actually quite regularly — you push yourself too much. The star constellation Capricorn, represented by a sea-goat, the mythological animal.

Chart Zodiac sex

Illustration from Firmamentum, by Hevelius That means your Capricorn traits reveal something about the characteristics of your relationship with your father. If you have the sun in Capricorn, your relation to your father is one of mutually high demands. You expect a lot of each other. Mutable signs are Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. Nature Earth nature is very sensual, slow, and thorough. The earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Air is very cerebral and likes a lot of play in addition to talk through sex. Air signs are Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra.

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Fire is active and likes a lot of action in sex. The fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Water in emotional and like sweetness and caring though sex. The water signs are Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer.

Fun with Sex Sex is supposed to be Zodjac and fun. Always do what makes you happy in sex. You may be afraid of something or not like some part of sex, but at least try it. It is important to recognize when you do Zoriac like something only because you learned not to like it, not because you have actually tried it. One characteristic can be neutralized or even countered by another one. It's the whole of the horoscope that shows what goes, not single parts separately. That's true for a sex horoscope reading as well. You need to compare the ingredients. The major ingredients in the sex horoscope are the above mentioned: Understand them all to understand your own sexuality.

Contemplate how they interact in your personality, and how they add up to create your cravings and preferences. Don't think that one of them is solely responsible for any aspect of your sex life. They always interact, in everything. As soon as your sexual activity is not a solo venture, it gets infinitely more complicated. Then you have to compare to the above mentioned four ingredients of your partner's sex horoscope as well - and how they fit or misfit to yours. It takes some time to figure out - but on the other hand, experiments of this kind tend to have their own rewards.

Here is more about how to combine the ingredients in your sex horoscope, as well as that Zodiac sex chart your partner: Anything regarding the human nature is far more complex than what can be sufficiently interpreted by any one system of analysis, such as the tools of astrology and the horoscope. Also, remember that there is no definite scientific proof of astrology and the validity of its theories. Therefore, see this text about sexual astrology primarily as entertainment of sorts, and a way by which you can contemplate your sexuality from a very different viewpoint. In addition, the subject gives a good example of the principles of astrology at work, if you are curious about that.

Observe that there are several parts of your horoscope making up your sexuality. They are less driven by their desires than they are by their intellect. Some Zodiac sex chart them are turned on by the idea of making a baby, and others just love the idea of being all yours in bed. They are known as the sign most attracted to breasts, and they generally like their men rather masculine and their women feminine, at least in fantasy. Their style in bed is protective and soothing; devoted and emotional. Romantic and sentimental touches add something special to the equation, especially for Venus in Cancer.

When Venus or Mars is in Leo, the fantasies often revolve around devotion and attention. These people are most turned on when their partner thinks they are gods or goddesses. Although they will take care of their partners in bed, their natural inclination is to get off themselves. Their pride in their lovemaking compels them to try to be the best in bed. While some want a mate they can show off, many prefer not to have two stars in the same household. The secret is to get them to relax before sex by touching or massaging them. They appreciate beautiful things and are usually quite refined with excellent tastes and delicate sensibilities. Never be crude with them because it will turn them off.

Because they are extremely verbal and sociable, they get sexually turned on through mental stimulation and verbal foreplay. Their sexual passion comes out with flirting and playful banter. Libras are sensually aroused by anything that aesthetically pleases them: They love the ambiance of luxurious surroundings, and respond well to foreplay that includes candles, verbal encouragement and slow touching. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Scorpio October 23 to November 21 Scorpios have a well-deserved reputation for being seductive, lustful and highly sexual when they are truly engaged in a relationship. They tend to be intense and highly erotic, often a little kinky because nothing is off limits to their passionate desires.

Because they're not normally into casual sex, they need to feel a deep emotional connection before becoming really intimate. Often there is a great deal of drama and conflict in their sexual relationships because of their possessive nature and need for power and control. Expect them to possess you like a soul mate - not just a bedmate. They are wanderers and seekers who are flirty, charming, affectionate and intellectually interesting. Sex is just their idea of a good time. Expect them to be playful, adventurous and unafraid of trying something new.

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