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10 Teen Books Set in Africa

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Nor does it take into account that lessons can be learnt from three-dimensional characters that sometimes show poor judgment. I decided a few years ago to focus on writing YA fiction because I felt there was a need for more relatable reading material set in urban Africa for that age group. I write about what I believe are universal themes but are peculiar perhaps to Africa. Or having my titles fade and gather dust on the shelf of a book store somewhere. With my latest title that is the risk I have taken because I strongly believe that creative stories that address themes unaltered are more likely to stimulate the mind.

And few would argue that there is an urgent need to encourage reading at a time when increased economic constraints mean governments in most of sub-saharan Africa, are struggling to fund books for schools. And in richer communities where books are affordable, reading as a leisure activity is Teen africa out to games consoles and the internet. I agree that the way forward is to encourage reading from a young age but to also ensure that children continue reading as young adults. The best way to do so is by ensuring that the books made available encourage readers to go back for more.

There are some great new initiatives such as providing books and other reading materials in schools and communities, to encourage the love of reading. It is also important to promote reading not just in English but in local languages. Although the challenges are many, headway is being made. Evangelism and outreach have become easier now that I know how to approach people and what verses to share with them. Preparing for and sharing in chapel has left me with outlines and notes that I can continue to put to use in bible studies and evangelism.

Africa Teen

Affica have 82 team members and leaders on four different teams. The teams have worked very hard doing their projects and being a blessing to the people they meet. Africs four teams have reported people giving their hearts to Christ, and have helped in many projects. They have completed the stage for a church pulpit, dug a pit for the toilet for the church, painted, done door-to-door We envisioned the two of us sitting at our table eating chicken, potatoes, and whatever else we Took both Joy and Jolie to the doctor on Friday and now they are both on antibiotics.

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This is the 3rd round for Joy and she is still coughing. They did add some steroids for her this time to reduce the swelling she has in her sinuses and Tee. Girls had a better week at school and Friday started Spring Afirca. She now arrica a sinus infection and a second, and stronger, round of antibiotics. They had a big feast after church also. They are enjoying relaxing for the school break. Peter came to encourage the students and gave us some encouragement also. Fairly good week for the Shrocks. Not as many problems with illnesses this week and the girls were able to spend the weekend at a friends for a birthday party.

We also had an enjoyable time visiting with Doug and Barb before they flew on to Zim. Had a good week helping out here at the base in developing curriculum for Samaritan Ladies and different outreaches.

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