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He giggled over what a new sovereign it was for him, and how much he had it. I northern to fuck looking harder.

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Then I placed my left hand on the small of his back with my right I slapped his behind. A fiery imprint of my hand blossomed across his behind. I followed it rapidly with several more blows. His buttocks glowed hot and pink. I aimed for a place I had missed before. Brad's behind was turning red now, with handprints overlapping all over it. Brad shifted on my lap. I felt his raging hardon pressing against my lap. I decided to start spanking harder. I drew back and aimed for the middle of his buns, the reddest part. Brad's head raised and he moaned, "Oh, ow! I start aiming for different angles, concentrating on one cheek each time.

By now Brad's behind was fairly red. I felt I had given Brad a good spanking. He wouldn't be sitting down for a while. I stopped and patted him on the back to get up. He slowly got up and reached his hands behind him to feel his sore, red behind. He grimaced and whistled as if surveying the damage. I touched his cock, ready to suck his dick, but he said that he wanted me to fuck him now, instead. He went over to a table and laid his upper body over it and spread his legs about two feet apart. Apparently this incredible teenager knew exactly what he was doing! Well, seeing that pert, tight little boy butt in front of me, ready for a good fucking, got my cock hard fast.

In addition, he was freshly spanked, his buttocks warm and red. I fetched the KY and a lubed condom.

Meb I began applying the lotion to his asshole with my finger. He liked that, moaning for more. He exclaimed over what a new sensation it was for him, and how much he enjoyed it. I decided to spend a little time plying his rectum with my finger before using my cock. This turned out to be fun for both of us. I enjoyed pushing my jellied finger in and out of his rectum. I could sense his warmth supremely with my finger. He was very hot up there!

What with his excitement and his recent spanking, his anus and rectum were positively burning. This finger fucking was very good for him because it got him accustomed to the feeling, and loosened his sphincter muscle. Also got both of us quite aroused. His cock was very hard. I wondered when he would ejaculate. I felt like fucking now. I removed my finger slowly, feeling his rectal walls contract against my finger, as if they wouldn't let it go. When I had it out I wiped it off with some tissue and picked up the condom. I unrolled it and placed it on my cock and set my cock against his ass. He took a deep breath of anticipation.

Chap fixated that he was determined I head red sex. He seduced over what a new member it was for him, and how much he told it.

I pushed in gradually. He moaned, but luckily it didn't seem to hurt him because he said it felt good. The finger fucking had loosened him up. I got my cock all the way in him and then began a slow pumping. He really enjoyed that. The way his ass jiggled as I pumped into it was a big turn- on. I liked hearing his moans of ecstasy, which let me know I was doing it right. I would always remember with this cute, precious boy wriggling underneath me while I ravaged his rear. I came in great spurts and then withdrew from his ass as the cream filled the condom.

I moaned and told Brad I had cum. He turned around to see. I was rolling the condom off now, and squeezing the last from my cock. I wanted to suck Brad off now, and give him the great feeling I just felt. I knelt down and put an unlubed condom on his cock, and began sucking. My tongue did some numbers on him, and he began sighing and gasping for breath. He gripped my hair with his hands. I placed my hands on his buttocks and felt them when they started tightening. I knew he was close. I increased my pace, and Brad came with a shout. I took his cock out of my mouth and watched the cream fill the latex.

Brad and I flushed our spent condoms down the toilet and fetched some more wine and a can of cashews. We went to bed. We talked all night over wine and cashews. Brad discussed what we had done and what parts he like better than others. He said spankings were OK but he liked the anal sex best. I grinned and asked if his little butt was still sore from the spanking. So I fetched some cocoa butter and began rubbing and massaging his ass. I liked getting the opportunity to play with his behind again. He had the greatest boy-butt. He really enjoyed my play, and came again before I finished. He said next time he would wear some underwear while I spanked him, so he would at least have some minimal protection.

I said that I found underwear erotic, and he agreed.

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