Metal strip ceiling

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Luxalon® 84C Ceiling System

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It has all the features of a modern ceiling system accommodating lighting, air-conditioning and works as an optimal acoustic control medium.

Ceiling Metal strip

These systems are used widely in Offices, Shopping Centers, and Terminals and in virtually every conceivable application area. Other advantages of the Lay-in system include easy strop to the plenum by virtue of the tiles being easily removed, a rigid fire rated grid to ensure a level ceiling and an exposed grid suspension, which aesthetically accentuates the grid system. Metal Tiles do not burn easily and satisfy all fire safety related standards. Metal Tiles can be backed with many choices for good Thermal insulation.

Metal Tiles can give excellent Acoustic properties when perforated and with non-woven tissue. They can be repainted without damaging their acoustic properties, which is not possible with MFB.

These tiles can also be made in attractive surface profiles besides the normal flat profile. Metal Tiles are easy to handle, install, clean and maintain. They are asbestos free. The tiles can be uncoated, powder coated with 50 micron polyester after pretreatment or coil coated.

The shutter can be also closed with contrast colour effect by using the closing tile PIC 25 with overlap on the carrier. Strips type G A complete closing of the cavity can be obtained with strips "serie G", this is the ideal solution for suspended ceiling that require high compactness and, in the meantime, easiness of disassembly for inspection. Strips "serie G" are made of prepainted aluminium and used in modular suspended ceilings with closed shutter. Strips type O A complete closing of the cavity can be obteined with strips "serie O", this is the ideal solution for suspended ceiling that require high compactness and, in the meantime, easiness of disassembly for inspection.

They can be bad without damaging their private properties, which is not settling with MFB. Rigors "serie GR" are available for ventilated walls when a solid insulation is designed.

Strips "serie O" are made of prepainted aluminium and do not require carriers, therefore they are also called self bearing. Ceilinv modular element can be easly disassembled and allows full celiing for upper service maintenance. Lamellar strips I The suspended ceiling ceillng lamellar strips "serie I" tsrip to lay down and easy to control, allow designer to personalize interiors by laying the lamellar orthogonally or sloping and full range of colours. Lamellar strips "serie I" are made of prepainted aluminium on both sides. The suspended ceiling in lamellar strips "serie I" creates an ideal screen for the room and for the disguise of the upper service plants.

It reflects uniformly both natural and artificial light. Facades and sun breaker To transform in integral way the cladding: It guarantees weather resistance and the highest mechanical resistance. Prepainted aluminium strips allow cladding either on vertical, horizontal and diagonal way. The sun breaker is made of prepainted aluminium strips "serie " with open shutter, inserted on appropriate profiles forming a screening that allows the passing of light. The sun breaker can be in two different ways:

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