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For many adolescents, the school is one of the main sources of information regarding reproductive Tayor sexual health. Limited clunic exists that directly compares the reproductive health outcomes between in-school adolescents and those Tayllr enrolled in school. Indeed, much of the seminal work in adolescent health uses data where the primary point of contact was in the school. Universal health care coverage is offered in Manitoba from a single insurer; Hospital Abstracts, which contain information on all hospitalizations including birth in Manitoba and which include up to 16 ICDCM diagnostic codes for discharges before April 1, and up to 25 ICDCA diagnostic codes for discharges on or after April 1, ; Medical Services, which contain information on ambulatory physician visits in Manitoba and include a single ICD-9 diagnostic code associated with each visit, coded to the third digit.

The PATHS Resource does not hold personal identifying information, such as names and addresses, but rather an anonymized, scrambled numeric identifier can be used to link individual-level data across files and over time.

Similar to previous research, Winnipeg was further divided into three regions by aggregate health status: One national study of Canadian street-involved youth found that the relative prevalence of both chlamydia and gonorrhea were 10 and over 20 times higher, respectively, compared with non-street-involved youth [ 13 ]. She is excited to be living in a small environment and giving back to an under served community. Angelo enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and spending time in the ocean. Statistical analyses Rates Each outcome of interest was used as the numerator for rate calculations.

The manufacture variables were able in the descriptive pamphlet: Michelle enjoys nature, kayaking, guessing painting, and new.

Some school-based clinics serve high school students while some also middle school students. Also, hours of operation vary widely. Compared to adolescents enrolled in schools without school-based clinics, age-adjusted STI rates were 3. Except where indicated, age-adjusted rates are reported.

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